Suppose that you just finished creating an amazing app and now you are trying to release that. The best thing is to upload it on the app store or play store. But there are already tens of apps with the same category and your app is somewhere on the bottom in search results.

Because of that, you are not getting many people to download it. Now the question arises is there anything that you can do to bring it to the top then the answer is yes.

You will need app store optimization. It is the technique that you can use to make it easy for the app store to search your app easily among thousands of app and show it to the user on the top results.

How does it work?

Whenever you want to search any app you type some word and the app store will go through the whole database and match that word and show the app on the search result and the ranking is based on how fast it found your app from that keyword.

You will need to carefully select the App name and title and its description and try to add the popular and relevant keywords.

There are other factors as well like Subtitle total number of downloads and ratings and reviews.

you will also have to maintain a good rating because if you have done an excellent job in selecting a keyword and made it easy for the app store to reach your application but the rating is not good then it will automatically put it at the end of the search results.

even if a user gets to your app he will not download it because of ratings and reviews which will further affect the performance.

Why App Store Optimization is Integral to Your App’s Success?

As I mentioned earlier, the success of your application is dependent on the accessibility of the app store. If your app is not appearing on the top search result then it will be very difficult for you to succeed.

Following are the benefits you will get from App Store Optimization.

  1. Get More Download:

The number of downloads is one of the matrices used to evaluate the success of the application. ASO will help you to get more downloads by making your app more accessible.

Research showed that the users are more likely to select the application from the top three results than any other. That means that if your application is somewhere down in the search results it is very difficult that you will get a considerably large number of downloads.

It can be changed by the effective use of the ASO.

  1. Bring In Organic Audience:

There are many ways to increase the audience but most of them do not bring in organic advances. Without an organic audience, your application will die out soon. App Store Optimization solves this problem. it will bring in an organic audience who wants the services your application is providing. This audience will last longer and possibly bring in more users.

  1. Continuous Growth:

Other marketing campaigns have a flaw that their effect does not last long. If you are running an ad campaign then you will get the results till those ads are visible to the intended audience. Once ads are stopped the growth starts to reduce but App Store Optimization guarantees continuous growth.

After successful optimization, you will start to get organic users and if they give you a good rating with positive reviews it will keep you on the top and you will keep getting new users.

His continuous growth makes App Store Optimization the best technique for both long and short-term success.

  1. Increase Revenue:

The biggest intention behind the development of every new application is to earn capital. From App Store Optimization you can achieve that goal much faster. As the revenue stream depends on the active users the App Store Optimization brings exactly that. 

It can be the best investment you will make apart from development cost.

How can experts help you in App Store Optimization?

To have better results you can get the expert’s help. Many people are providing the services you can even find in your city. If you are living in Cairo google digital marketing agency in cairo and you will see countless agencies who can give you services.

An expert knows the best technique that will help you to grow. For example he will analyze each keyword and select the best one.

An expert can also compile the best description that will also help the engine to search your app first. After that, you will get the return on investment very swiftly.

That is the reason that you should hire an expert for the job.

2020 was a year of uncertainties, and there are no two ways about it. The Covid-19 pandemic created havoc in the economy as the world came to a standstill. 2021 was a year filled with hope. As the vaccine distribution ramps up, the economy is slowly limping back to normalcy.

While there may be changes that we need to adapt to in the future, the coming years will be remembered as the post-Covid era. Some businesses like online shopping or doctor consultation have taken a paradigm shift. But the others may see a short-term correction and will continue to stay the same as before in the long term. Commercial real estate ran into deep trouble for most of 2020. People shut stores and continued to work from homes. The economy is recovering, and we can hope that commercial real estate shines through the coming years.       

So, what changed in 2020 and what does commercial real estate look like in 2021?

  1. Cooperation between Lenders and Investors

Many business establishments such as restaurants, theaters, travel, and offices shut down during the pandemic. The government instructed the rental landlords not to evict the tenants or force them to pay the rent. The borrowers struggled to make mortgage payments as their rental income stopped. Yet, there was no massive disruption in the commercial real estate market because of two factors.

  • The government rental assistance programs helped the property owners with the cash flow.
  • The lending institutions cooperated with the borrowers by modifying the loan terms. They extended the mortgage payment dates giving time for the borrowers to arrange for finances rather than opting to foreclose.

The government and the lender’s support helped the commercial real estate survive the trying times.    

  1. New businesses, new needs

With people switching to online shopping, there is a sudden demand for warehouses particularly, cold storage. New facilities are needed from the port to the warehouse to the last mile. The retail stores and logistics businesses are growing, and so are their needs for fulfillment centers. Investors can take advantage of commercial real estate by leasing their property to warehouses.

Also, there are ample opportunities for physical locations that offer drive-through and curbside pickup to encourage contactless delivery. But will the concept of these dark stores last beyond the pandemic? Yes, because it saves time, money, and effort. People can save on the delivery charges. They save time and effort by not going inside the stores to look for products they can easily order online. Investors can look for retail properties in popular market areas to convert them into dark stores such as retail outlets or distribution centers.  

  1. New Standards in Office Spaces

The majority of the employees have moved out from offices to their homes. It has given rise to reverse migration where cities are becoming less congested, and towns are seeing a growth in population.

Many of the IT enterprises have already suggested the idea of satellite offices in different towns and cities. It will see the office space distributed in many cities and towns across the country. So imagine, instead of one big office space in San Jose, there will be smaller offices in Texas, Seattle, New York, Florida, and other prominent cities. It essentially means the commercial real estate deals will be distributed instead of getting concentrated in certain hubs.

What to expect in commercial real estate in the future?

  1. Lenders will finance properties with healthy building features to make them a good property for the long term.
  2. Diverse tenancy with staggered lease expirations will help commercial real estate owners to fetch a steady source of occupancy and rental income.  
  3. Lenders will be more interested in the transformative potential of the property. The property has to adapt easily to new trends such as a retail storefront converting into a co-working space.
  4. A diverse portfolio with commercial real estate in different cities will help to withstand downturns.
  5. The online shopping trend will stay, and there will be the necessity for fulfillment centers and storage facilities.
  6. Suburban areas will benefit from the need for warehouses and distribution centers.  
  7. The working office spaces will be more concentrated in smaller cities than in congested big cities.

How to Safeguard Commercial Real Estate and Maximize Profits?

The future is uncertain. Investors can take advantage of the low real estate prices to look for smart investment options. Also, the low interest rates will help them get a better deal. Real estate consulting services can be a smart option for investors confused about the market dynamics. Smart investors know the importance of value investing in commercial real estate. In such a scenario, a real estate consulting firm can offer advice on the strategies to get better ROI. Hiring reliable commercial real estate services helps owners to make informed buying decisions and be prepared for the unexpected.

Wrap Up

Commercial real estate may change in the near future. For now, the demand is robust for some sectors such as e-commerce warehouses, storage facilities, medical shops, and grocery stores. Investors can still expect good returns on commercial real estate if they think for the long term.

Also, the city residents who had moved to suburban areas are now returning to major markets. They may not move back to the same city but are preferring to stay in cities that offer better job opportunities. Cities like Raleigh & Charlotte (North Carolina), Austin & Dallas (Texas), and Las Vegas (Nevada) are experiencing positive traction in real estate. It is a good opportunity for investors to lock in some good commercial real estate deals in these cities to maximize their ROI.

Commercial real estate in the US is going to be an interesting dynamic going forward. We have to wait and watch.        

Influencer marketing is among the most efficient methods of reaching your target audience, particularly on social media platforms. However, influencer expenditures might vary greatly depending on your company goals, business, platforms you’re targeting, posting frequency, and other factors. In such a scenario how can you discover the appropriate influencer for your company without spending a fortune?

In this article, we will discuss the eight determinants that affect influencer rates, the average influencer rates for the most popular social media platforms, the different types of influencer partnerships available, and how to find an influencer who will work with you to take your brand to the next level.

Several elements might determine how much an influencer costs for their services, and it is uncommon to find an influencer that charges a fixed amount. Influencer marketing and influencer marketing platforms are genuine businesses, and influencers base their prices on what businesses are willing to pay. While our list may not include all of the factors that determine how much an influencer will charge, these are the ones you can depend on to have an impact.

Pricing for Instagram influencer marketing

When most people hear the term “influencer,” they immediately think of Instagram, at least for the time being. Where there are influencers, there is marketing. Instagram influencer marketing and influencer marketing platforms have become an important element of many businesses’ operations, especially if they are attempting to target certain demographics. Indeed, with 90 percent of its 1 billion+ members following a brand, the network appears tailormade for companies seeking to engage with prospective customers. According to Mediakix, the overall worth of Instagram influencer marketing is $1.7 billion (March 2019)

Naturally, costs have gone up in direct proportion to the platform’s growing importance. And, as this type of marketing evolved from informal arrangements to a major pillar of long-term strategy, influencers have grown more confident in their ability to shift items for companies. Obviously, the COVID-19 outbreak has been a disruptive force throughout many areas of business over the last 1.5 years, and the influencer marketing industry has felt the pressure as well.

So, how much does Instagram influencer marketing cost? The cost of an Instagram post fluctuates depending on how many followers a certain Instagram influencer has. Based on the number of followers, there are five influencer categories: Nano, Micro, Mid, Macro, and Mega. Instagram post prices range from $10 for a Nano influencer to $10k or more for a Mega influencer.

How to Determine Appropriate Instagram Influencer Rates

To summarise, prices in this field vary considerably, and there is no uniform rate card.

A post from model Emily Ratajkowski is said to cost $80,700. Demi Lovato is said to charge at least $668,000, while Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is said to demand $1.5 million for creating a post for his 187 million followers. Even among the most famous celebrities (even amongst the Kardashians! ), there appears to be no hard and fast rule.

There are, however, ways to ensure that companies gain value from their sponsored posts and that influencers are appropriately rewarded for their efforts.

Rates should be based on an influencer’s follower count and engagement rate, but other non-quantifiable variables like star power, skill, or access to a specific demographic can also have an impact.

Covering any expenditures connected with a shoot (such as renting a studio or employing a hairdresser, for example) will also be a consideration.

The majority of pricing begins with one of these baseline formulae and progresses upward from there.

Total rate Equals engagement rate per post + extras for kind of post (x number of posts) + extra variables.

The unstated industry norm is $100 per 10,000 followers + bonuses for post type (x number of posts) + other variables = total rate.

Of course, your brand objectives and right influencer marketing platform will also play a role in choosing which influencer will provide the greatest value.

Other elements that impact Instagram influencer pricing

When marketing with influencers, brands looking for quality relationships must budget for these cost variables.

The right to use

If you wish to retain control of the material you generate with an influencer so that you may use it on other influencer marketing platforms or in the future, the influencer’s rate will most certainly be affected.


Most contracts have an exclusivity clause in which the influencer promises not to work with rivals for a set period of time. This will have an impact on the cost because it may cost influencers prospective deals.

Amplification of social interactions

Influencers are likely to be making waves on other influencer marketing platforms as well. Cross-posting agreements can be negotiated by brands in order to increase the reach of a sponsored influencer post.

Demographic subsets

Is the influencer close to a group that is important to your brand? They may charge a fee. It’s all about supply and demand..! 

Photographers on the job

Influencer prices should take into account various production costs such as the time it takes to create the content (labor), props, clothes, hair and makeup, photography, editing, and travel.

Duration of the campaign

The length of the campaign will have a direct impact on influencer pricing due to the additional labor, content, and exclusivity restrictions.


A rush charge may be levied depending on how much time a business offers an influencer to generate content.

Brand compatibility

If an influencer believes that a firm lacks affinity with its own brand, they may charge for the loss of credibility that the collaboration may cause.

The type of content

Some forms of material are more difficult or time-consuming to create than others. Influencers may provide discounts for simpler formats and charge more for more extensive ones.


Some types of content are more time-consuming and difficult to generate than others. As a result, certain influencers may provide discounts on easier-to-execute forms, while others may demand higher fees for more complex formats.

The Link In The Bio.

If you want to increase traffic to your website, make sure there is a link to it someplace. It is fairly unusual for influencers to charge a fee for including a link in their bio.

Now that you have a better understanding of influencer pricing, read on to learn more about influencer marketing and how to collaborate with an Instagram influencer.

It is to deal with the financials of a small to medium-sized business; most entrepreneurs begin with a do-it-on-your-own mentality by taking care of their finances. Non-bookkeeping professionals can use programming projects like Intuit’s QuickBooks to make this a relatively simple task; but, a malfunction can leave you guessing. A ruined or degenerate QuickBooks file is one issue that may cause a lot of frustration, so we asked one of our in-house QuickBooks ProAdvisors to show us how to recognize and cure a damaged QuickBooks file.

The QuickBooks Data File is a significant database in and of itself. There are no projects or moving pieces in it (this is all in the QuickBooks Software). The information must be requested and sequenced expertly in the record for the product to read it accurately. When an information document is small (under 200 MB), it is simple for the product to preserve the information in the correct request and add new information in the correct area, so it knows where to find it later (for example announcing). When the information record becomes more important than this, the product fights to maintain all of the data together. This can lead to erroneous reports, and one obvious place to start is by looking at the Balance Sheet. If the total assets do not equal the total liabilities and equity, you know you have a problem with QuickBooks customer service. Equalizations in like records on multiple reports can also be used to detect debasement. In QuickBooks, the overall gain, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and other monetary history adjustments can be compared to other stories. If these figures don’t add up, the QuickBooks File may be jeopardized.

Suggestion: If you have a QuickBooks issue, we can help you with QuickBooks Customer Service. Our professionals are here to assist you 24×7.

If it’s linked to any outside exposing projects, a degenerate document can give you other problems. If those projects use programmed sync administrators to connect to QuickBooks, you’ll very certainly see incorrect announcing or even displeasure with the sync process itself. Fortunately, you can repair data debasement using tools included in QuickBooks Software; but, be aware that resolving the defilement without reducing the size of your information record means the problem will recur.

Fixing Data Corruption in QuickBooks: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. To protect yourself against long-term data loss, make a second backup or record copy of your information document before inspecting or updating it.
  2. Run the ‘Check Data’ work in QuickBooks. This will tell QuickBooks about the debasement and propose that you ‘Revamp Data.’ (When conducting the Verify Data process, the document should be in client mode.)
  3. Execute the ‘Modify Data’ task in QuickBooks. This technique separates all of the data in the record and reassembles it in the correct request.

Note: If you’re having trouble logging into Intuit QuickBooks online, please contact us. In QuickBooks online login, you can get a fast result.

  • Re-run the QuickBooks ‘Check Data’ task. If the check is completed, test the record by relocating the reports that contained mistakes to see if they have been corrected. If mistakes are made despite everything, there is no immoral uncertainty about the information (not incorrect information).

The most efficient methods for detecting data corruption

After you’ve completed the previous steps of ‘Confirm Data’ and ‘Remake Data,’ you must review the logs created by QuickBooks Online login for the information check you just completed. Any items or updates that are creating issues will be visible in these logs. You can turn and wipe or erase and substitute the unclean data with this information. Continue working your way down the log, addressing everything until the record is checked. (Additionally, see Intuit QuickBooks Online Login Support at

Read Also: 6 Ways To Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Errors

The most effective method for preventing data corruption in the future

According to Intuit rules, you should reduce the size of your document if it exceeds 200MB for QuickBooks Pro or Premier or 450MB for QuickBooks Enterprise. There are two or three options available to you:

1. Reduce the size of your document by using the “Record Condense” feature.

a) Create journal entries that summaries the month-to-month movement prior to the partitioning date chosen by the customer. In most cases, this strategy will necessitate some cleanup of the Balance Sheet a short time later.

b) Remove any exchanges prior to a deadline. While more powerful than previous methods, this one takes longer to finish because it necessitates a portion of Opening Balance and Outstanding AP, AR, and Banking.

2. With Opening Balances, create a new QuickBooks record. This will result in the greatest significant reduction in document size; nevertheless, it will take the most time to complete.

While these methods may resolve your current record defilement problem, if the problem persists (for example, if QuickBooks was not set up correctly or if appropriate procedures and strategies were not implemented), you will continue to experience what we refer to as the “trash in, trash out” condition. Perfect and precise financial data goes a long way toward helping your organization grow, and re-appropriating your QuickBooks framework structure and arrangement, as well as your accounting capabilities, can provide you actual peace of mind while also freeing up your time for more important and critical tasks.

Regression is a statistical data management technique that is commonly used in the financial sector. Its applications vary from. The purpose of using regression is determining the nature of the relationship between certain independent variables and one dependent variable. It is a very important factor in determining the dynamic relationships between variables. Statistical regression can be categorised into 5 major types. These are linear, Logistic, Ridge, Lasso and polynomial regressions. 

Basically regression can be linear or multiple linear regression. There are non linear regressions but they are certainly complex in nature and used for determining complex relationships between multiple variables. It generally helps in making future predictions based on various economic data and reports such as GDP growth, economic surveys, sales or prevalent conditions in the economy. It is not necessarily a tool for persons from finance background and can also be used in other professions too. This article gives a basic idea of what is regression in statistics.

Before moving to the major types of regression it is important to know the basic terminologies of the regression methodology. Getting familiar with the terminology makes it easier for laymen to understand the basic concept of regression and the various types of regressions.  Terminologies associated with regression are not very complicated and could be easily understood. Key terminologies used in regression:

  • Multicollinearity – It is the multiplicity of similar variables. Variables that are highly similar to each other make the data analysis process difficult. It obstructs the variable ranking based on importance. Usually it is a precondition to regression that there should not be any Multicollinearity.
  • Outliers – Outliers is the terminology that is used to denote the piece of data is overwhelmingly unique from the general data. It can be understood as the odd one out from the crowd, or the outlier. 
  • Heteroscedasticity – It is the invariability between the independent and target variable.
  • Overfit and underfit – Overfitting or high variance relates to the unwanted explanation of variables. It is an indicator that the algorithm only works well on the training and not on test sets. On the contrary to this when the algorithm is unable to run even in the training set it is said to be underfitting.

After dealing with the basic terminologies next are the different types of regressions. The first and the simplest of all forms of regressions is linear regression.

  1. Linear regression – In linear regression there are basically two variables, one whose value is to be determined and other whose value is integral in determining the value of the other variables. The one whose value is to be determined is the dependent variable and the other variable who helps in determining the value is the independent variable. 

An example of linear regression.

Linear regression is divided into two parts:

  • Simple linear regression – This method uses two quantitative variables that are used for performing the predictive operations. One of them is an independent variable and the other is the dependent variable is the one whose value is to be determined.
  • Multiple linear regressions – On contrary to simple linear regression, the multiple linear regression uses multiple variables to determine the value of the targeted variable.
  1. Logistic regression – This method of statistical data analysis determines the dependent variable based on a predefined set of observations. It is like determining a dependent variable based on multiple independent variables. Logistic regressions are Binary, Multinomial and Ordinal logistic regressions.  

An example of logistic regression.

  1. Ridge regression– Ridge regression is specifically used for analysing multicollinear. This data consists of highly similar data sets that are generally difficult to work upon using the regular methods of regressions. Using conventional data analysing methods on multicollinear data produces unrealistic results. 

Ridge regression example.

  1. Lasso regression – It is a regularisation method. Lasso regression method is used to produce more accurate predictions using shrinkage. In this type of regression the data sets are shrunk to the average value and then processed. Following this procedure the regression becomes simpler.

An example of lasso regression.

  1. Polynomial regression – It can also be considered as a special case for multiple linear regression. Apart from the two independent and dependent variables there is a higher order polynomial used. Using this polynomial makes the data and regression concurrent.

An example of polynomial regression.


       Regression is a very useful method in data analysis. It can be used to determine the relevance of various factors on a dependent variable.  Based on these observations it becomes easier to prioritise factors according to their respective impact. One can also decide on excluding certain factors if they are irrelevant, based on regression results. by reading this article one must get a general idea of what is regression in statistics.

The temples of Bangkok are an important part of the capital’s soul and heart. It would be a shame not to visit at least one of these temples during a trip to Bangkok. It is breathtakingly beautiful and has dazzling decorations like none other. Imagine thousands of pieces of colored glass and pottery decorated with complex structures in bright golden color – you are actually in the city of angels.

Most temples are best visited in the morning. It is more relaxed and less crowded. These temples are more than simply visitor attractions.  The temples are home to monks who wake up at 4 am to attend to their duties and pray. They then go out and collect food and other necessities from the people living in the streets. You will find monks dressed in saffron-colored clothes walking around Bangkok if you get up early.  It’s part of the Buddhist philosophy that gives and makes merit to have a better life.

Thai temples can be considered sacred, and you should dress accordingly. You won’t be permitted in if you wear shorts or reveal your skin. This is especially true for Wat Phra Kaew within the Grand Palace.

List of 10 Famous Temples in Bangkok 

#1 Wat Pho

Wat Pho is named after the Indian monastery where Buddha lived. It is one of Bangkok’s oldest and most important Buddhist temples. Wat Pho is also known as “reclining Buddha temple,” 15 meters high, 43 meters long Buddha image which is home. It’s covered in gold leaf and has 4-meter-long feet decorated with mother-of-pearl or nacre.

Wat Pho is placed right next to the Grand Palace. It houses 1,000 Buddha images, 91 chedis and upas (stupas), 4 Chakri king chedis, and 4 impressive chedis. It is located in a shophouse just outside the temple. If you don’t have the time, Wat Phra Chettuphon Wimon Mangkhlaram Ratchaworamahawihan is the temple’s full title. The entry fee is 100 baht. 

If you have a faith in Lord Budha and want a Buddha marble statue for you home and office contact Ganesh Moort art for Buy Buddha marble statue online.

#2 Wat Saket

Wat Saket, or the ‘Golden Mountain’, is where you can see the distinctive golden Chedi (or Phu Khao Thong) at the temple. This massive structure was built on the top of a hill in Bangkok’s old city. It has a complicated history.

King Rama III was the first to build the chedi. The first attempt at construction failed, and the chedi fell on the soft ground. Construction was then abandoned. The original chedi that you see today is the one that King Rama IV and Rama VI built. Follow 300 steps to reach the top terrace, where you will find a chedi with a relic from India.

#3 Loha Prasat

Bangkok is full of magnificent temples, each one more impressive and elegant than the others. But Loha Prasat stands out because of its unique architectural identity. Loha Prasat, also recognized as the ‘Metal Castle,’ is situated at Wat Ratchanatdaram. It was submitted to UNESCO to be designated a World Heritage Site in 2005, highlighting its historical significance. It’s located right next to Wat Saket, the Democracy Monument, and is a must-see for anyone who happens to be on Khao San Road.

#4 Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat, or more accurately Wat Mahathat Yuwarajarangsarit Rajaworamahavihara, was built during Ayutthaya. It is one of 10 temples of the royal highest class in Bangkok and it is used for royal ceremonies because of its strategic location between the Grand Palace, Royal Palace.

The oldest more extraordinary education institution for Buddhist monks in Thailand is located within the temple grounds. It is an important centre for meditation and Buddhism research. Wat Mahathat is a popular spot to learn Vipassana Meditation. Some classes are taught in English. A huge amulet marketplace is located just opposite Wat Mahathat. It goes beyond the small number of vendors along the street.

#5 Wat Benjamabhopit

Wat Benjamabophit is also known as Wat Benja. It was built by King Rama V around 1900. The temple is recognized as “The Marble Temple” because the exterior walls of its main temple are covered in marble from Italy. However, it’s most famous for the embossed temple on the back of five-baht coins. This building is established near many Govt offices and palaces. It is highly revered by high-ranking officials who often visit it.

#6 Wat Pathum Wanaram

This area was only accessible by Khlong (Canal) and was still surrounded by rice fields at its establishment. Wat Popam Vanaram, built by King Mongcut in 1857, was the closest place to worship his SA Palath Palace.

The carvings at the crematorium are rare examples of ancient craftsmanship. They feature intricate stencils and lacquered statues. After shopping in Siam Paragon and CentralWorld, Pathum Wanaram offers cultural refreshments.

#7 Wat Intharawihan

A 32-meter tall Buddha dominates wat Intharawihan. It borders WisutKasat Road, at the northern edge of Banglamphu. This statue is also known as the Luangpor Toh. It was built during King Rama IV’s reign in 1867. It took more than 60 years to finish and was decorated with glass mosaics.

This prayer room was constructed towards the end of the Ayutthaya period. It features several Buddha images, a high-quality mural on the walls, and lavishly gilded shutters. Unusually carved stones can be found outside. In an alcove is a life-size model of Luang Phaw Toh (a well-known monk). The small museum contains old Buddha images as well as various paintings.

#8 Wat Kalayanamit

Despite its dominance on the west coast of Chao Fresha River, Chao Freshamit, Chao Frahia River is often ignored by tourists, city guides, and even locals. Wat Arun, a nearby attraction that is more well-known and draws people away from other Thonburi temples and attractions, is even more popular. Wat Kalayanamit is a tranquil temple that’s less touristy and more peaceful than the others. It is famous for its huge golden-seated Buddha in its main building.

It is very easy to get to Wat Kalayanamit, Thonburi. It even has its own pier. You can take a ferry from Ratchinee Pier to get there or hop on one of the many Chao Phraya express boats that make their way up and downstream every day. Ask for “Wat KalayaNamit”.

#9 Wat Ratchapradit

The tiny but striking Wat Ratchapradit is located in Rattanakosin. It’s not far from the Grand Palace. King Rama IV built it on the site of a former coffee plantation.

The prayer room, which is richly decorated in grey and white marble tiles as well as carved wood, is the central feature. The windows and gateways are decorated with intricate stucco crowns. Doors and frames of the windows have Chinese pearls. The room’s ceiling is deep red, with golden rosettes patterns and murals depicting royal ceremonies. The altar contains the ashes and remains of King Rama IV. A replica of Phra Buddha Sihing is also found inside. Two Khmer-influenced prangs are also found, one of which is clearly reminiscent of Cambodia’s Angkor Thom temple.

#10 Wat Thepthidaram

This temple, originally called Wat Ban Phraya Krai Suanluang, was built by King Rama III between 1836-1839. It was a gift to HRH Prince Apsorn Sudathip. The temple’s architecture is typical of that period, particularly the ordination hall with strong Chinese features like a gable with glazed ceramics and a roof. There are impressive murals inside and the main Buddha image, Luang Phor Khao (or Phra Buddha Deva Vilasa).

The prayer hall displays a similar design and features images of 43 female disciples enlightened in metal. The four tall prangs, which are towers in Khmer style, represent the 4 Chinese deities.

The packaging of your product is all about making an everlasting and auspicious impact on the customers. In the soap market, the worth of custom packaging wholesale has extraordinary importance to sell the products. In this regard, custom soap boxes contribute a vital role in creating a unique presentation for their soap products. If you boost the overall appeal to the products, it assists in lifting your sales. Custom soap packaging can bound buyers to buy the product due to its designs and style. 

How does your Packaging Design Serve you As a Marketing Device?

Most of the time, your end users examine a product simply because of the titillating packaging that catches their attention. And, it is occurring when your customers choose the same products of a different brand that provide the same quality of these products. At that time, they make the decision to buy products on two perceptions, one which one is affordable and the other is which look better from other. So, we can say the packaging design and printed content influence the buyer’s decision. And, due to this, custom soap boxes are the best marketing device that works superbly to market your soap bars in the industry. 

Choose the Promotional Stuff and Details that Suits your Packaging Design

The most attractive printed chunk that grasps the attention of onlookers at first glance is promotion stuff and offers. Add to this; such things help you bring more attention to consumers and convert them to your potential clients. But the text that you want to print on the soap box must attract your users, appropriate and authentic. For instance, if you give a 15% discount for soaps, your soap packaging boxes have detailed only 15%, never print 16% and 17%. Add to this clearly mentioned either your promotional sale offers flat or up to discounts. 

 Select the Right Font that Goes with Design of Soap Boxes

The use of font style to writing any content piece on cardboard or Kraft soap boxes must be customized and copyrighted. So no one claim that you can copy font style from them. These font styles have two main categories sans serif and serif so, you can communicate with your expert to finalize the right style that is good for your soap packaging. Plus, you can choose two types style of fonts for your brand at a time. Likewise, you can use one font style with complex slants and turns for your soap boxes logo and another one that customizes in any size and is readable for all and one person to print information on the box. 

Pick the Right Color Combinations for Soap Boxes 

The color of your product packaging highly affects the sales of your brand. As we know, maximum people choose the products on behalf of products packaging color. So, it must be pleasant and esthetic to catch your target audiences. In this regard, you can ask your soap packaging supplier to provide the desired color that you can find after research for your soap packaging. They provide exact-match colors for your soap boxes with the help of CMYK and PMS color models that have the ability to provide accurate color to your boxes. Must pick the color of soap boxes that can relate to your brand theme and logo. 

Avoid Adding Too Much Information on printed soap boxes 

Now it’s time to find the factors that are useless and not good for your soap packaging. In this regard, you need to map the product specification that you want to apply to the box as per your choice. And, not print too much stuff on custom printed soap boxes reduce the value of your products in the industry. Plus, your users do not feel good with reading such sort of information. So, avoid using overloaded information and make them comprehensive as well.  

Brilliantly Add your Brand Messages to the Design

The brand message attaches you to your target audiences. And, you cannot knock on the door of any individual one by one to deliver your brand message. Therefore, soap manufacturers use branded soap boxes that have complete information to stand out in the industry. Plus, they use graphic designs that explain the brand message to the common man of society. Apart from this, you can use a brand message that conveys the real meaning and actual reason to the customers by using text and taglines. So, you need to use your packaging as a medium of the best communication and boost your sales as well. 

Think like the User of the Product

While you design your product, you need to think like the user. It is mandatory for you to provide facilitation to your end-users when they unbox your products. On this subject, custom soap boxes are enough that offers you the style that is durable and easy to open for your buyers. However, you can use sleeve boxes, 1-2-3 auto bottom, rectangular, seal end, and tuck-end box styles to pack your soap boxes according to your budget. 

 Use the QR Code Printing for Authentication 

The use of a QR scan makes your soap packaging one more step strong. Nowadays, QR scan codes are rapidly used to provide the authentication of original products to their customers. And, every buyer must visit a website to scan the code of your product. So, as a soap manufacturer, you must add a QR scan code that helps your product’s marketing and branding a lot. 

Option of Showing your Brand Environmentally Responsible

Lastly, it is your responsibility to being a member of this society to play your role in sustainable packaging solutions. So, you use eco-friendly cardstocks for your retail soap packaging that is not harmful to this environment and easily decomposable. In this regard, you can use cardboard, Kraft, and bux board boxes. All cardstock is durable and enough to secure your product nicely. 

Wrapping up thingsThe aforementioned discussion is based on how you can design superlative custom soap boxes. In this regard, you print your soap boxes with promotions, logos, and other detailed information on the boxes. Add to this; you need to pick colors carefully and design patterns. Moreover, you need to print comprehensive information to explain your brand and products specification on the box as per your choice. So, now you are able to improve your soap packaging and make them perfect to market your products in the industry.

Are you getting confused and not able to decide whether to invest in a premium apartment or not? Facing a dilemma is normal, especially when you are planning to make a huge investment. People want to compare the benefits of investing in a budget apartment or a luxurious one. When it comes to luxurious flats, most people consider luxury and they overlook many other factors. Along with luxury, there are various other benefits of investing in luxurious apartments. The premium flats and apartments are good for the long run and they can offer good value in return. Investing in luxurious apartments is worth and we are going to discuss top reasons for it:

  • Convenience

The biggest benefit of buying a luxurious flat or apartment is the convenience and accessibility. When you invest in a premium apartment, then your time will be valued. Everyone in the luxurious apartment understands the value of time and follows the rules and regulations. Therefore, most luxurious apartments are built in the center of the city where all facilities are easily accessible without wasting your precious time.

  • Available Space

Huge available space in luxurious apartments is one of the vital factors that need to be considered. Therefore, builders of luxurious flats keep in mind that available wide available space is the topmost priority. When you will invest in these kinds of apartments, then you will get to a spacious living room where you can spend quality time with your friends and family. 

Also, you will get a well-organized modular kitchen where you can cook delicious meals, large size master bedroom with an attached bathroom. Every room will have an attached bathroom which makes the luxurious room functional and capable to accommodate various guests. All luxurious apartments are built in gated societies that ensure the safety and security of residents. 

In addition to this, you will get luxurious amenities like jogging tracks, a parking facility, etc. We recommend you compare the price of different apartments so that you get the right property at a competitive price. For instance, the medallion 3bhk price is highly competitive in the market.

  • Safety And Security

If you buy a luxurious flat, then you will have peace of mind that it is safe and secure. Therefore, builders of luxurious apartments keep in mind that security is one of the important factors to consider. People who invest in these types of apartments will enjoy security facilities like security came, gated societies, new technology locks, etc. When it comes to security, luxurious home buyers get various alluring facilities.

  • Most Value For Money

Most people think that luxury apartments are just a wastage of money. But the reality is that you will get the most value for your money. After the introduction of the new RERA policy, transparency in the real estate sector has increased. This new policy is introduced to protect the right of real-estate property buyers and sellers as well. 

While buying a luxurious apartment, you may invest a little bit higher as compared to the budgeted apartments, but you will get a good return. We recommend you to choose the reputed builder so that you get the best apartment in return for your hard-earned money. If it is possible, then you should try to contact previous customers to know the quality of the building they construct. By contacting their previous customers, you will get to know the truth. We recommend you check the medallion mohali reviews to make the right decision.

  • Plenty of Facilities

When you invest in luxurious apartments, then you will get the opportunity to enjoy various facilities like landscaped gardens, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, etc. You will also get to enjoy enormous activities like a clubhouse, fully equipped gym, play area for small kids, sauna bath, family entertainment center, and many more.

In addition to these facilities, you will also get the 24*7 uninterrupted power supply, wi-fi facility, clean water for drinking, and many more. The most amazing feature that you will get in the luxurious apartments is modular kitchens along with a chimney and hob. Also, you can choose the number of bedrooms you want to have in your apartment. There are so many options available in luxurious apartments. If you want an apartment with 4 bedrooms, then you can easily get that.

  • Good Living Environment

If you will invest in a luxurious apartment, then you will get the chance to live in a perfect ambiance. Your kids will grow in a good society and they will learn good habits. You can freely enjoy luxurious amenities like a sauna bath and swimming pool which you will not get in your budgeted apartment. The luxurious home provides enormous recreation facilities which will make your investment worthwhile.

Final Words

If you are looking for one reason to invest in a luxurious apartment, then there we have described you so many. Home is a one-time investment and you should make it wisely.

Choosing a present appears to be a time-consuming task. However, knowing the person’s zodiac sign makes things a lot easier. It is impossible to deny that each and every person on our planet is unique. However, there are certain parallels that may be seen between the zodiac signs. When it comes to finding the perfect present to impress someone on a special occasion, studying the personality attributes of each zodiac sign will come in handy.


The Rams are the team that loves gifts the most. Aries people are impetuous, active, and athletic, so bear that in mind. They are uninterested in anything that is useful or well-organized. As a result, jewellery, the latest technology gadgets, “how-to” books, or tickets to a sporting event would be ideal gifts for Aries.


Taurus enjoys the finer things in life, such as luxury and comfort. Taureans are quite practical and enjoy creative work, so keep that in mind. A reservation at a fancy dining restaurant is the easiest and best gift that any Taurus will appreciate. Taurus folks should also consider purchasing a ticket to a musical event, a plush pillow, or a bottle of fine wine.


Whenever it comes to gifts, Geminians are the greatest since they will appreciate whatever is given to them. They are overly devoted to their friends and loved ones and have always been on the search for new experiences. Geminis have a strong need to keep track of what they’ve learnt. They’re also fantastic communicators, so a personalized gifts online would be a nice option. 


Cancerians are highly particular about their appearance and personality, that’s why not only their clothes, but also their homes, are kept nice, clean, and attractive. They are emotional individuals who enjoy being cared for or petted. The greatest gift for these folks would be something sentimental or romantic, or anything that demonstrates that the gift giver put their heart and soul into preparing the gift. A lovely bouquet of flowers or a customized frame would’ve been lovely to touch and remind them of their value. Other options include a spa hamper, jewellery, or home décor.


The lions enjoy receiving presents. To put it another way, they enjoy being the centre of attention, which is why they enjoy receiving things. Lions also choose vivid colors that reflect their zest for life. As a result, a bright outfit or heavy jewellery would’ve been an ideal online gift for her. Leos also enjoy looking their best at all times, so a beauty kit or cosmetics would be welcome gifts.


Virgos are the most practical of the zodiac signs. However, because they are deep thinkers, choosing gifts for them necessitates a little extra thought and work. Others see them as the ideal son, daughter, wife, mother, father, or friend. To locate the greatest gifts for Virgos, one must first learn about their favourite foods, color, and organizer, among other things. Books, colorful folders, diaries, calendars, wristwatches, and other similar items would be ideal for them.


Libra people, as their zodiac sign says, value harmony in their lives. They have a pleasant attitude and are constantly on the lookout for new experiences and truths in life. They are both artistic and cerebral, which is why they would enjoy receiving tickets to a vacation spot as a gift. Other thoughtful gifts for Librans include scented candles, photo frames, literature, music, or a theatre ticket.


Scorpio is happiest when he receives a gift unexpectedly and without the need for a special occasion. The Scorpions enjoy being scholarly, reading a book, and spending quality time alone, and they are drawn to all things dark and strange. Sunglasses, hats, or scarves would be ideal gifts for them because they enjoy being mysterious. Another fantastic gift for them would be a costly cloth or a dark and suspenseful literature or film.


Sagittarius is not suited to the humdrum of everyday life. They enjoy travelling throughout the world and taking part in all of the activities that come with it. They also have a terrific sense of humor, which is why they quickly become favorites among friends and relatives. A customised travel cover or a brand bag would be appropriate gifts for regular visitors. 


They believe in keeping things simple. As a result, nothing beats a home-cooked supper to impress them. They would appreciate it more if you produce something genuine for them from the ground up. Capricorns are known for their love of physical comfort, thus a soft and fluffy textile material, cushion, mattress, or sofa would be a wonderful gift for them.


Aquarians enjoy being in the spotlight and don’t mind being the focus of attraction. They are intelligent and clever individuals who might be impulsive at times. That is why greeting Aquarians with strange and offbeat items would be a terrific idea. Electronic devices or anything from the most recent fashion trends would also make excellent gifts for these individuals.


People born under the sign of Pisces are visionaries, artists, and spiritual beings. They enjoy romance as well, so a candlelit dinner date would have been the ideal gift for a Piscean. These people are also interested in art and history, so taking them on a museum trip would have been another way to show them you care.

Vacation is such a sweet thing. Enjoying some time away from the daily grind and getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. There’s nothing wrong with spending your holiday frantically visiting one famous attraction after another, unless you’re glued to your inbox the whole time. Your long-awaited “holiday” might leave you feeling even more frazzled than when you left, even though you had every intention of taking a relaxing break.

If you don’t fully commit yourself to that, you may end up wasting your vacation time. You should commit to fully unwinding and rejuvenating on your holiday, otherwise, what’s the point of taking that time off? Flight delays, mishaps on the road, and those annoying emails from your workplace can’t be controlled, but you can do a few things to make your vacation memorable. There are a few ways to make your vacation days seem more enjoyable because vacation days are fleeting or few and far between. Do not waste more time procrastinating and quickly get on board with our list of ideas on how to make the most out of your vacation.

Don’t close yourself off to new ideas

If you are having trouble deciding on a place to visit, do some research. Make a list of pros and cons of what you would enjoy at a new place. Ask yourself what gives you the most rush and who your travel buddy would be. You can also Google some of the best vacation rental sites to find out which are the cheapest and safest places to visit. Remember that the things you won’t do are the ones you’ll regret. It’s always a good idea to remember this when you need a little push in the right direction.

Think outside the box

Are flights to your desired destination really expensive? Would you like to travel to that location? Find an alternative instead of being discouraged by this. Let’s suppose you are to travel to a place you have never heard of or seen and you want to try a new adventure so you really want to go. Find out the most public means to travel to the place, for example instead of using a plane, choose the road trip instead, or hitchhike your way to the destination. You will not only enjoy the destination, but will also enjoy the trip.  

Don’t be hesitant

Now that you know where you want to go, you can start planning. Don’t wait to grow out of the thought in case you change your mind. These opportunities are rare, so make a reservation before it is too late and you regret your procrastination and missing out on a great opportunity. 

Ask yourself all kinds of questions

Would you like to travel for any reason? Are you seeking relaxation, fun with your friends, spending time with family, learning something new, getting a tan, or embarking upon an adventure? When you know why you are going somewhere, you are better able to decide where you are going.  

The safest choices aren’t always the worst

Even though everyone likes to travel in a more adventurous way, you never think that going to renown places like Venice or Rome on the weekends, or even a trip down the tropical beach would be any less fulfilling. We do this because a million people before us have done it and have given good reviews. While you can make choices based on reviews, you can also travel to newer and more thrilling places. The only thing that matters is to have fun.

Don’t be afraid to travel alone

Are you looking for somewhere to go that you really, really want to go, but no one wants to accompany you? Well, this shouldn’t stop you from travelling on your own! You will make tons of friends along the way, if not, nature can always be your best friend. 

Budget-friendly options are always available

If you are tight on budget, do not let that stop you from taking a break and enjoying a little time off basking in the aesthetics of nature. We all deserve vacations, even if we cannot afford it. Spending less doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Those who prefer budget options can find them in places like hostels where the food is free, the transportation is free, and the guides are available. Being creative is often the key to making this more enjoyable.

Things to consider

Although being excited about your vacation is natural, if you expect too much or have unrealistic expectations, you’ll always be disappointed – regardless of how things come out. It’s a possibility that the hotel room may not be the same size as it claimed to be on the website, or the sceneries outside are not as aesthetic as you thought them to be. The bathrooms may be dirty, there may not be enough food for everyone. The pictures may be as per your expectations, with the swarm of crowd in your background. When you are planning a trip, all of these problems are inevitable. 

So, instead of getting anxious about these petty details, shift your focus on things that you want to get out of your vacation, like spending time with the family, the rush and adrenaline of nature, meeting new people, exploring different cultures, making connections and so on. Remember, your vacation is an adventure, not a planned trip to your doctor, so set your vacation goals more realistic and be open minded. Otherwise, getting upset over things that aren’t in your control will just ruin the holiday.