How Different Folding Cartons are Made with Benefits


Packaging for the product is as important as the product itself. The packaging industry is also evolving at high speed. There are many variations in packaging, and creative designs are coming daily. There are many packaging styles available these days. Nine different types of folding cartons are the priority for packaging these days. Most of the products are packed in carton boxes. Products like perfumes, cereals, and electronics are packed in carton boxes.

Some of the products like pre-rolls are packed in attractive child-resistant packaging. In addition, pre-rolls are packed in specifically designed pre roll joint packaging for improved safety. All of the other products are stored and shipped in folding cartons. We are going to discuss some of the folding boxes in detail.

First, let us understand what folding cartons are.

What are Folding Cartoons?

Term folding cartoon is old and used from the nineteenth century. These boxes are manufactured with folded cartons. A straight paperboard is processed through a machine that punches, cuts, glue, and scores to make an easy carton box. These boxes are easy to ship because we can send them flat and reconstruct them with bare hands.

Know About Paperboard?

Most of the packaging boxes are based on cardboard. It is a complex and thick paper that we can press and cut in any shape. There are four types of paperboard we will discuss in some other blogs. However, metallic paperboards are very famous these days because of their rigidity and beauty. Paperboards can contain their shape, and we can attractively redesign them.

Know About Kraft Cardboard:

Kraft is made with recycled paper and wood pulp. As a result, Kraft boxes are very eco-friendly and recyclable. These boxes are the best packaging solution for any product. In short, these boxes are called natural-looking boxes packaging’s.

Types of Folding Cartons:

There are two types of folding cartons.


Paperboard boxes are simply many layers of paper attached and glued for extra strength. These boxes are rigid, and we can print them in many ways.

Corrugated Boxes.

Corrugated is lightweight but strong boxes that can carry much weight. These boxes contain flat layers and flutes inside them to give extra strength.

Now let us discuss some of the folding carton styles in detail.

Straight Tuck Boxes:

This box is the most commonly used folding box for hundreds of products. You can understand this box by looking at its closing panels. The top and bottom panels are closed and opened in the same direction. Straight tuck comes from its shape that is a straight line of opening panels.

There are many benefits of using these types of boxes.

  • It is very beneficial for light and medium weight products.
  • We do not need to assemble these boxes.
  • Easiest to store, we can store them in a flat style.
  • We can make pretty designing cutouts for added beauty.
  • There is a slit lock system for secure closing.
  • When compared to the reverse tuck box, its price is a little higher.

Reverse Tuck Boxes:

These boxes look similar to straight tuck boxes. There is the only difference is that its closing panels are in the opposite directions. When you notice both of its closing and opening panels are in opposite directions. Both of these closing lids are closed in the opposite of each other. These are many benefits of reverse tuck boxes:

  • Same as straight tuck boxes, reverse tuck is feasible for light and medium weight products.
  • No assembly is needed for this type of box.
  • Easy to ship in bulk because of its design and compact storage style.
  • This box also holds cutouts in them for extra design.
  • This box has a very secure closing mechanism with a slit lock option.
  • Very economical and costs lesser than a straight tuck box.

Bottom Lock Boxes:

These boxes are made with different designing aspects. These boxes are designed to hold extra weight than a straight and reverser tuck box design. There is another name for these boxes that is 1-2-3 bottom boxes.

The bottom cuts of these boxes are designed so that we can stick them into each other. They have a friction or slit lock system in them. As a result, the product inside will not drop, or the bottom will not open easily.

There are many benefits of these boxes.

  • Perfect for heavy items.
  • This box comes with a tuck top for convenience.
  • Very convenient assembly solution.
  • Very compact to ship and transport.
  • This box can hold cuts very quickly and will not lose integrity.
  • This box has an adorable flat bottom to keep the product convenient.
  • Easy to Stack.

Crash Bottom Boxes:

This packaging technique is charming for auto-locking and caries-heavy products. These boxes are perfect for weighted products like glass perfume bottles. These boxes consist of an auto-lock system.

There are many benefits of crash bottom boxes.

  • The crash bottom is the most more robust option for heavy items.
  • The bottom of the crash bottom is glued and gives higher rigidity.
  • This box comes with a tuck top closure option for easy opening.
  • These boxes are very convenient to assemble, just the open pop technique.
  • These boxes come in a lovely flat container that is compact and easy to ship.
  • Crash bottom boxes can easily hold cutouts in them.
  • Nice flat bottom to store items easily.

Sleeve Box Packaging:

A sleeve is a packaging with no ends that wraps around the product for added beauty and safety. We can use these sleeve packaging techniques to customize the design on them. In addition, you can print logos or any designs on them.

There are many benefits of sleeve boxes.

  • Sleeve boxes are best for easy and quick up-gradation of a blank product.
  • This packaging is perfect for testing market attention at the start.
  • Easy to slide the product out of the packaging.


There are a lot more folding packaging techniques in the packaging world. Unfortunately, we cannot cover them all in this single article. But you can always visit the online printing and packaging company website to understand details with real pictures. You can even order attractive custom-designed packaging for your product. You can get your order in a minimum time.


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