How To Make Money With Blogging


To start earning from blogging, first, we know about what blogging is. Blogging is a way by which a user can share her/his thoughts or feelings like mood, enjoyment and daily basis work.

Define Blogging.

All people want to know how to make money by blogging but nobody knows what Blogging is or mainly can we earn more money by blogging. To know about what is blogging first, Blogging is a way by which we can share our own thoughts with the audience as well as they will share his/her experience with the readers. Blogging has various types. You can search it on Google to know briefly. Now the main topic is can we make money with blogging so the answer is yes, but if you want to write quality content and post what people like then you will make money with blogging.

Top 7 ways to make money with blogging:-

  1. Ad Networks
  2. Direct Advertisement
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Native Ads
  5. Paid Reviews or Sponsored Post
  6. Sell Ebooks
  7. Launch an Online course

Ad Networks:- 

In this method to start earning first, you want to monetize your site by some famous sites. The names are Google Adsense,, or any other network.

In some sites you want to get approval first then you will start earning.

In this method, the ad network companies show their ads to the audience with the help of your blog. When anyone visits your site he or she will see some ads on any side of your web pages like Header, Body, Footer, or side area.

Many people use Google Adsense to make money with blogging.

Ex:- In Adsense you want to get approval first by Google or the same in

Direct advertisement:-

First, know the meaning of direct Advertisement. In Direct advertisements you don’t won’t get approval first. Your direct contact with your client and set their product or promote in your blog. The direct advertisement method pays you a fixed amount of money. But ad networks pay you per user visit. It’s also the best option to make money with blogging.

Ex:- 1000 visits = 2 to 4$ as per country CPC rate.

Affiliate marketing:-

To know about how to start earning by this method first know about what affiliate marketing is or how its works. Affiliate marketing works on the link system means you take the link of any product according to you or as well as take the affiliate link to and promote it on any network it’s your choice when anyone clicks your link and orders some items by your link you gain some commission. Now the main point is how to earn money by doing affiliate marketing with the help of a blog.

Generally, this is the best method to earn money online by showing ads and doing affiliate marketing. To know about how to do it, just read carefully, take any product according to your niche and copy its affiliate link. The famous affiliate marketer using the site is ClickBank or digistore24 just take any product and copy its affiliate link then create a quality content blog post related to your affiliate product and paste your link in your blog. When anyone buys the product through your link you will gain some percent of commission. Adding affiliate links and showing ads on your blog is also the super best method to make money with blogging at home. The revenue income is more than double this method.

Native ads:- 

In Native ads, a short ad is shown in your blog it’s generally used blog or news website.

The famous Native ads publishers are Taboola, Outbrain, etc. 

Paid reviews or Sponsored posts:- 

This is the best method for making money with blogging. Generally, many people are not know about paid reviews. In the paid review, you want to write and give the best rating for the client product ex:- apps, website, hotel, or etc.

When you write attractive or best comments and give the best rating to their product after approval the owner will pay you the money.

In Sponsored post, you have to upload your client post to your account or page like if you have too many subscribers or followers then the company will contact you and ask you to promote their content or product through your page and they will give you money.

Sell Ebooks:- 

Many peoples are interested in reading books or novels. It will help you in traveling. Books are our friend for traveling a long way. So selling ebooks is the best way to earn money online. Just upload your ebooks to any ebook-selling website. When anyone buys you will get paid. That’s also a  double source of income just create a blog post and show ads on your blog its also the best option to make money with blogging.

Launch an online course:- 

If you know something about any topic or subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Digital marketing, Hacking, Excel, cryptocurrency, trading or any topic just create a course in pdf or video and sell it online.

Launch a course through your blog and make money with blogging.


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