What is App Store Optimization (ASO) & Why It’s Integral to Your App’s Success?

app store optimization

Suppose that you just finished creating an amazing app and now you are trying to release that. The best thing is to upload it on the app store or play store. But there are already tens of apps with the same category and your app is somewhere on the bottom in search results.

Because of that, you are not getting many people to download it. Now the question arises is there anything that you can do to bring it to the top then the answer is yes.

You will need app store optimization. It is the technique that you can use to make it easy for the app store to search your app easily among thousands of app and show it to the user on the top results.

How does it work?

Whenever you want to search any app you type some word and the app store will go through the whole database and match that word and show the app on the search result and the ranking is based on how fast it found your app from that keyword.

You will need to carefully select the App name and title and its description and try to add the popular and relevant keywords.

There are other factors as well like Subtitle total number of downloads and ratings and reviews.

you will also have to maintain a good rating because if you have done an excellent job in selecting a keyword and made it easy for the app store to reach your application but the rating is not good then it will automatically put it at the end of the search results.

even if a user gets to your app he will not download it because of ratings and reviews which will further affect the performance.

Why App Store Optimization is Integral to Your App’s Success?

As I mentioned earlier, the success of your application is dependent on the accessibility of the app store. If your app is not appearing on the top search result then it will be very difficult for you to succeed.

Following are the benefits you will get from App Store Optimization.

  1. Get More Download:

The number of downloads is one of the matrices used to evaluate the success of the application. ASO will help you to get more downloads by making your app more accessible.

Research showed that the users are more likely to select the application from the top three results than any other. That means that if your application is somewhere down in the search results it is very difficult that you will get a considerably large number of downloads.

It can be changed by the effective use of the ASO.

  1. Bring In Organic Audience:

There are many ways to increase the audience but most of them do not bring in organic advances. Without an organic audience, your application will die out soon. App Store Optimization solves this problem. it will bring in an organic audience who wants the services your application is providing. This audience will last longer and possibly bring in more users.

  1. Continuous Growth:

Other marketing campaigns have a flaw that their effect does not last long. If you are running an ad campaign then you will get the results till those ads are visible to the intended audience. Once ads are stopped the growth starts to reduce but App Store Optimization guarantees continuous growth.

After successful optimization, you will start to get organic users and if they give you a good rating with positive reviews it will keep you on the top and you will keep getting new users.

His continuous growth makes App Store Optimization the best technique for both long and short-term success.

  1. Increase Revenue:

The biggest intention behind the development of every new application is to earn capital. From App Store Optimization you can achieve that goal much faster. As the revenue stream depends on the active users the App Store Optimization brings exactly that. 

It can be the best investment you will make apart from development cost.

How can experts help you in App Store Optimization?

To have better results you can get the expert’s help. Many people are providing the services you can even find in your city. If you are living in Cairo google digital marketing agency in cairo and you will see countless agencies who can give you services.

An expert knows the best technique that will help you to grow. For example he will analyze each keyword and select the best one.

An expert can also compile the best description that will also help the engine to search your app first. After that, you will get the return on investment very swiftly.

That is the reason that you should hire an expert for the job.


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