What Is Social Media Marketing?


To know about the answer first we know about what is the responsibility of social media marketers and the power social media marketers have. A social marketer’s duty is to increase sales, drive traffic, handle companies’ sites, grow business, and defeat competitors in the same business.

Social media marketing is a part of marketing by which we can share or promote our content through Social Media Sites. It also helps to grow an audience on our page or site and know about trending topics or niches. We can also increase sales through social media marketing.

Many companies choose social media marketing or other types of marketing to grow their business. In the future, all works will be managed by digital method and then digital marketing scope will be higher. Many companies increase their revenue by doing social media marketing.

In Social media marketing, we can Promote Brands, Websites, Apps, Stores, Youtube channels, Fb profiles, Instagram profiles, or other Products.

The most famous platform for social media marketers is:-

  1. Facebook:- Created by Mark Zuckerberg and monthly active user traffic worldwide is 2.85 billion Users.
  1. Instagram:- Also  Created by Mark Zuckerberg and monthly active user traffic worldwide is 1.38 billion Users.
  1. Youtube:- Also  Created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chan, Jawed Karim and monthly active user traffic worldwide is 2.29 billion Users.
  1. Twitter:- Also  Created by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone & Team and monthly active user traffic worldwide is 206 million Users.
  1. Linkedin:- Also  Created by Reid Hoffman & Team and monthly active user traffic worldwide is 774 million Users.
  1. Reddit:- Also  Created by Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian & Team and monthly active user traffic worldwide is 430 million Users.
  1. Quora:- Also  Created by Adam d Angelo, Charlie Cheever and monthly active user traffic worldwide is 300 million Users.
  1. Pinterest:- Also  Created by Ben Silbermann and monthly active user traffic worldwide is 454 million Users.

Mostly Facebook is used in social media marketing by other social platforms. Here are steps to promote content or advertise on social media platforms.

Methods for doing Social Media Marketing by Paid or freeway:-

Paid method

  1. Create a post on Facebook and according to your business or niche quality content post and post it. 
  2. Visit the Facebook business website and choose your ad campaign.
  3. and advertise your product or business, It’s a very simple and fast working method. But it’s paid.

Free method

  1. First of all, create a quality content post and post it on many Facebook groups according to your niches.
  2. For better results create the best and creative eye catching landing page.
  3. This method is free but in this method, you have patience because the result is growing slowly.
  4. In this method, you want to add posts on a regular basis and from time to time.

Social Media Marketing is used for various things like promoting products, pages, websites or increasing traffic on websites, promoting brands, and increasing followers.

Generally, many users are attached to social media so this is the best choice to promote any type of thing in this way. There are many users who want to need the product and by this method, we are targeting our audience directly like those who love dogs. We will share our related products with dog lovers like Dog Food, Warm clothes, Comfortable Belt, or many Dog accessories.

Planning for starting Social Media Marketing:-

 First, we need to create a plan, here are a few Strategy tips to start doing Social Media Marketing:-

How to attract an audience for our product.?

Create an eye-catching blog or landing page because when users visit your site or page they will read the full content and think one time to try.

what people are mostly like in the current time.?

Search in google, Google trends, and the trending topics or you can also use the social media sites for trending things.

How to convey to people that buying or choosing our product is good for you.?

Choose the best and useful product and create an attractive landing page and write full details about products that the users will gain or what the users benefit from after buying your products. 

Another way to publish/promote your content is by using blogs. You can create a blog site and publish your regular content on a daily basis. 

When your audience grows you can promote your content in your blog. The regular user sees your product or content he will try.

By using blog methods you will do email marketing as well as most profitable Affiliate marketing.

Just create a blog post by any product and add affiliate links as backlinks. You can store your audience email by adding a subscribe option in your blog when anyone adds the mail id stored in your email responder like MAILCHIMP and AUTORESPONDER. When you add a new product and content you will directly target the user with the help of any email marketing software.

Many users earn millions of dollars by using social media marketing. Many groups are created on Facebook for example Dog lovers, men’s clothes, Interior designers, Healthy People or etc.

Just and your related product and post it on related groups. This is a free method. You can choose a paid method for fast results.

Social media marketing is now ranking at the top because many companies are trying to engage their audience and promote their product as per audience taste. It also helps to see insights like which percent of people like or dislike our product and know about desirable people belonging to the country.

The other way to use social media marketing is to handle many big companies’ accounts like add their new product, share in all social sites, increase traffic and grow company business in the online world.


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