#1 BBA E- LPU Distance BBA Learning Course

LPU Distance BBA Learning Course
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You need to make a fair start in your career PU distance BBA course so that you can get a lot of help and advantage from it going forward. For this reason, you should choose such a course for your graduation, so good that you can benefit from it in the future. The LPU distance BBA course is the most popular course chosen by every student. The full form of this course is Bachelor of Business Administration.The program of LPU distance BBA online offers an opportunity to growyour management ability, knowledge, skills, including strategy, marketing, sales management and many more similar capabilities. It also covers other key places of trading or business communication, economics and finance also.

The Basic Purpose For LPU Distance BBA Learning Course

To motivate and inculcate understanding of business or trading-related perceptions of the quickly-changing global scenario.

You got to set the applicable concepts of trading and business ethics.

Successfully applicable the theories and procedure for successful career in this dynamic trading world.

Year 1Year2Year 3
Language Paper 1Prose, Extensive Reading & English for Competitive ExaminationsMajor Paper – I- Principle of ManagementMajor Paper – II – Organizational BehaviorAllied Paper-I – Business EconomicsEnvironmental StudiesLanguage Paper 2Poetry, Drama & English for Competitive ExaminationsMajor Paper – III- Marketing ManagementMajor Paper – IV-Management and Financial AccountingAllied Paper-I – Business MathematicsYear 3Major Paper – V- Business Ethics and CommunicationMajor Paper – VI – Business LawMajor Paper –VII –Entrepreneurial DevelopmentAllied Paper-I – Human Resource ManagementAllied Paper-II – Management Concepts in Thirukkural

Why Select Us?

  • Accelerate your career in the dynamic trading world
  • Degree or course from NAAC A+ accredited andranked 53 among Indian institute 2020networking chances
  • Enhances problem-solving and communication skills
  • Flexible classes, LMS & relevant case-studies
  • Access to expert lectures

Interactive and attractive topic

  • Access intensive and interactivitytutorial videos designed by specific professors
  • All students have the right to ask questions and can attend webinars, and stay connected with professors and peers in your e-classroom.
  • Arrange international university and organizations around the world explore a certification course.

Learning environment education with 24/7 flexible access

  • Our state-of-the-art technology provides consent to individual learning experiences.
  • Access toeducation material and on-demand videos at any hour, at your convenience very easily.
  • Must test your knowledge, skill with practice assignments and assessments.

Essential industry contagion

  • Take insights from fifty industry specialist through our exclusive courseindustry specialistconnect, specialistspeak, and online Manipal including webinar series.
  • Acquire knowledge about the basics and how to apply them in real world environment.
  • Participate comfortably inside all industry negotiations and program and broaden all your specific worldview.

Virtual labs and Capstone Programmes

  • Mention what you’ve learnt in theory to program in virtual labs.
  • Become practical professionals with valuable attitudinal experience.
  • Create confidence, eligibility, and connections through collaborations.

Online advice

  • Navigate the virtual distance learning and travelling with project mentors
  • Exchange suggestion and opinions with professors and their counsellors also
  • Get help and support at any point, for any issue

Employment counselling

  • Enhance your networking skills, knowledge with our oversize community of occupations, professors, and alumni.
  • Get resume writing and interviewing techniques from experienced professionals.


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