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Kathak is an Indian classical dance form. The dance form mainly highlights storytelling through hand and foot movements and expressions. The dancers are also known as Kathakars. Kathakars are those who tell the stories of mythology and heroes from the past, present, and future, often weaving them together into a coherent narrative. Due to their fame and glory, these legends have been recorded and retold many times over but their meaning and relevance remain unchanged. Most often these stories are symbolic and can be read several ways depending on the viewer; sometimes comical, sometimes tragic, always fascinating because it shows us how far we come from where we started. Kathak has gained immense popularity in the past few decades and the demand for online Kathak classes has increased rapidly.

Why should you learn Kathak?

Dance in India has a rich and fundamental role in following traditional occasions. Family lines of rulers, skilled workers, conceptual sources, models, and paintings of different periods give expansive confirmation on dance. Kathak gives accentuation on presents, articulations, beauty, hand, eye, and body developments and footwork. Learning Kathak from the best online dance classes like Ucanji will help you understand the dynamic world of dance. Since a classical dancer additionally needs to place the specific articulations in the specific spots, expressions make the dance look more dynamic and agile. The correspondence of every single action in kathak is made more significant by giving conveying emotions of joy, bitterness, etc. Learning to express is perhaps the main purpose behind learning Kathak. This dance structure assists with addressing the workmanship and culture of India and assists with passing it forward to future generations. Kathak dance began to spread as a dance of narrating fanciful tales of mythology. Taking online Kathak classes will also help you with addressing the rich culture and legacy of India. Since the dance style addresses the tales of Mahabharata and the Ramayana also, these were especially spread by the versifiers of the narrators who were named Kathakars.

What are the physical, mental and emotional benefits of learning Kathak for kids and adults?

Kathak Dance is one of the best dance styles which helps in the association between feelings – psyche, and body which is extremely valuable for a sound lifestyle. Kathak is about smooth articulation, exquisite postures, immaculate stances, and influences our rich Indian culture and legacy. Taking online Kathal classes will keep everyone associated with the roots and traditions of India. Learning from the best dance classes online will help you figure out that Kathak aids in conferring Calmness and Peace of psyche in all learners. It is an extraordinary method to bestow both physical and mental wellness. Kathak movements train head, neck, and whole-body coordination, gradually and steadily, in such a way that it offers exercise and maintains well-being. 

Learn Kathak from the best online dance classes- Ucanji

Ucanji began with the aim to make dance effectively open to everybody, from anyplace, anytime. Kathak is one of the many dance styles for which the best online dance classes are accessible at Ucanji. In case you’re looking to master new abilities or dance in a more true setting, then Ucanji is the right pick for you. Regardless of whether you’re figuring out how to be an expert artist, or because you love the dance style and need to investigate it, or just love moving, Ucanji will direct you step-by-step through online Kathak dance classes to accomplish your objectives. Working with experienced educators, whether a child or an adult, will be the best learning experience for all.


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