Home-Baked Pastries

Home-Baked Pastries

Things to Remember Before Using Sprinkles On Your Home-Baked Pastries

Do you know what makes donuts, cookies, ice creams and cupcakes a little more beautiful and enticing? Sprinkles! 

They are not only for kids; even kids at heart love sprinkles home-baked pastries. These colorful and mostly edible decorations cannot be forgotten when you’re talking about prettifying confections! Furthermore, sprinkles just make every bite more intriguing and entertaining. They keep you busy because they’re tiny sugary bits like candies that add texture to various desserts and bonbons. Available in different colors and looks, sprinkles can also do the trick when you’re not satisfied with your plain-looking breads or cakes. They can be used almost anywhere!

But before you judge putting sprinkles on your baked goodies as an ordinary thing to do, you might want to think again! Actually, it can be more serious than you’ve ever thought about it before. This job can be tricky, and if you’re not knowledgeable and careful, your sprinkles can ruin your almost-perfect baked grub! 

So you know what to do and avoid sprinkles-related baking issues, pay attention to the list below. Here are 7 things to remember before using sprinkles on your home-baked pastries! 

1 – You have to know what type of sprinkles you need.

People know sprinkles as the little and colorful line-looking decors over cupcakes, milkshakes and donuts. They are called jimmies, and they are just one of the assorted types of sprinkles. Oh yes, you’ve read that right! Sprinkles are not just one kind, and you should be aware of that before actually using them for your home-baked pastries. 

You have to know the various types of sprinkles and their most appropriate uses, so that you will know which among them you actually need. Aside from jimmies, there exist quins, nonpareils, coarse sugar, sanding sugar and dragees too. Each of these types have varying main purposes. Know first which among them is best for you and your baked goodies if you do not want to get the sprinkle selection stage regretful!  

2 – Some sprinkles can’t be eaten! 

Most sprinkles are edible as mentioned earlier, however, take note that some sprinkles are not. Yes, some sprinkles cannot be eaten and should not be eaten because they are only existent for decorating and styling purposes. 

To be exact, dragees are these inedible sprinkles. The outer covering is super hard, often colored metallic, looking like pearls, thus also called sugar pearls. They make fondant cakes really pretty and elegant, but again, remember that they cannot be eaten. Tell your family members and visitors, who will eat your home-baked pastries, that these sprinkles cannot be eaten.  

3 – Kids and kids-at-heart love sprinkles!

Before using sprinkles on your baked creations, it’s good to be reminded that kids and kids-at-heart love sprinkles! This assures you that it’s a nice idea to incorporate them into your scrumptious pastries. Go for them! 

4 – Pastries with sprinkles are perfect for your special occasions.  

If you have upcoming celebrations and you’re going to bake event cakes, cupcakes and/or other pastries for the dessert table, include sprinkles on your home-baked pastries! They are indubitably perfect for your special occasions, making them more colorful, lively and memorable. 

What’s more, sprinkles are a good instrument when you’re personalizing your bonbons. They can help you customize confections, bringing them close not only to your taste buds’ favor but also to everyone’s heart. 

5 – Stick the sprinkles while the surface is still wet. 

Sprinkles and the appeal they place on top of your home-baked pastries are impressive! But you can make their power go all out only if you apply them correctly and suitably as well. Many bakers make an error here, so do not take this lightly. Stick the sprinkles while the surface or frosting of your home-baked pastries is still wet. That’s the key to make sure the sprinkles stick reliably. 

6 – Do not over decorate your pastries.

Sprinkling these sprinkles is extremely fun, exciting and stress-relieving, however, there’s a tendency for too-excited people to over-use them. So how do pastries end up when your emotions get ahold of you? They become over-decorated and unsightly. Instead of prettifying your baked noshes, they ruin them. Make sure to use the right amount of sprinkles responsibly.  

7 – Sprinkles can be messy, so be ready to clean up!

Baking is generally messy. Not to mention, cake flour, bread flour, dough, yeast, sugar and other condiments make the kitchen a magical mess! If you’re using sprinkles, it’s obvious, but remember that they can be super messy too. Be ready to clean up well and thoroughly if you’re going to use them! 


If you’re looking for something to put on your home-baked pastries to make them more fetching and special, go for sprinkles! These sweet little lollies can transform any dull-looking bun and kuchen brighter and more appealing than ever. And do not forget to use them smartly and properly, so that they will not wreck the grace of your baked pastries instead of highlighting it. 

Keep in mind the things that you need to know before using sprinkles on baked goodies. The list above even goes with friendly tips that ensure you will sprinkle awesomeness over your pastries in the right way!  

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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