Best VoIP Services for Businesses in 2021

Best VoIP Services

 You can get the list of the best VoIP service providers. All the pros and  cons, key features are also mentioned

Just Call (Give the best value to the SMBs) 

If you want to look for the best customer service, It is a fully packed feature and works excellent for SMBs. 

If you want to set up a call center sales center customer support. You can enjoy multiple features, It will help you automatically minimize your efforts. It integrates with 100+ power dialer call routing, power dialer, automatic call distribution, and IVR and enjoys many more features. 

Just call works best for the growing business, it provides excellent customer support and an easy-to-use interface. It is available at an affordable price. It is available for $25 per user. 

Just call Key features: 

  • Generates crystal clear, the call quality is reliable. 
  • Integrate with CRM 
  • Automatically dial the calls
  • Logging to the automatic dialer 
  • Smartly redirect the call routing and IVR 
  • Make calls on local and toll-free numbers. 
  • Make calls on disposition calls.
  • Maintain the workflow of SMS. 

Just call Pros

Great Customer Support: Provide great support to the 6K customers around the world. It may include Walmart, Pipedrive, and Alibaba by using the Just call. 

Integrations: It offers great native integrations along with the 100+ CRMs, using business tools and a help desk. 

Automatically Dialing: It will help you to save 12 hours a week. 

Reporting and Analytics: It allows the mentorships to analyze the cal analytics, make a recording of calls and enjoy much more features 

Just call Price:

The price of the Just call starts from $25 per month. It also offers you a discount of 70%  on the first-month subscription. 

Grasshopper (Provide Best VoIP service overall)

Grasshopper maintains the best position in the market to deliver VoIP number service provider services in the USA. It offers fully functional VoIP solutions for the mobile business and people on the go. 

It allows you to add the virtual phone system. You can make it for the personal phone. The VoIP phone system just starts at $26 per month. 

It provides the best features to freelancers and businessmen. You don’t need to require a landline phone to enhance business communication. 

Grasshopper Best use: 

Grasshopper works excellent for businessmen and entrepreneurs. If you need a professional phone number, You can easily route it to the cell phone, desk phone, and computer. 

Key Features of Grasshopper: 

 The number is easy to remember. The customers can easily make calls to your business. 

Robust Customer Support: Grasshopper provides around-the-clock support. VoIP in the USA ensures reliable services after every hour of the day. It keeps tracking all the important information. 

Gmail integration: You can integrate with the Gmail account. You can easily link to the existing account. Gmail account records all the information. 

Pros of Grasshopper: 

It offers a wide variety of calling on toll-free and local numbers. You can easily connect to the number easily. 

Offers Quick Response: It gives a quick response to the customers by using text messaging from the business number. It efficiently works for incoming calls. It ensures clear calling on calls. 

Price: The paid plan starts from $26 and premium prices range from $80. It gives you a 7-day free trial. You can pick the VoIP services. It is highly recommended by the users. You can enjoy a 7 day free trial of grasshopper. 


(Provide all in one VoIP Service Provider)

Nextiva offers a simple user interface and is affordable prices on the cloud phone system. 

It offers multiple features and offers strong Cloud PBX solutions. It comes with good audio quality. Whether you are using a mobile device, cell phone, or making conference calls. Nextiva offers essential features of the VoIP service providers. 

Nextiva Best use:

Nextiva is best used for business. If you want a business phone service provider, It offers the excellent features of call recording, call forwarding, online faxing, team messaging and is available at a more affordable price.  

Nextiva Features: 

Nextiva offers multiple features, It may include 

Automatically customer Date:  You can organize all the customer data in one place. It automatically updates the call data, account history, and adds notes. 

Must know about the customer: It gives a deep understanding of the customer. The user can easily track the information and share the information across the business channels. It helps to empower the team and works according to the needs and requirements of the customer. 

Management of Customers: You can easily manage customer interactions. You can keep track of all the information of the customers, the conversation is over. 

Nextiva Pros:

  • Nextiva offers high-quality calls. It is more reliable in use in a secure way. 
  • The apps help to stay connected with the customers at any location around the world. 
  • The app offers unlimited calling in Canada and the USA. 
  • You can make phone bills differently. It is based on the phone number. In this way, you can easily make a difference in the priority calls. 
  • You can give leverage to the SIP Trunking, you can easily quickly establish, modify and terminate the multimedia sessions. 
  • You can also connect with the customers by making instant messaging. 
  • The feature of the user call screening helps to easily decide to take or reject the call. 
  • You can also get text notifications directly on the smartphone via using voicemail or the voice transcription feature. 

Nextiva Price: 

The Nextiva Price starts from $18.95 per month. It goes up to the price of 32.95 per user. The enterprise can use it per month. 

Ring Central

Works best for medium-sized businesses

RingCentral offers the most reliable service in VoIP service solutions. It works excellently to robust the network. It works in Europe, Asia, the US, and the USA. It comes with extensive features. It helps to meet the different business needs and requirements. It works perfectly for small businesses. 

Ring Central Key features: 

  • It also tracks the changes made by any user in the VoiP phone system. It offers a search account history and helps to resolve the critical issue.

The user can log in to the VoIP phone system. You can share your voicemail, extensions, welcome messages, and many more features.