Eco Friendly Diwali Candles

Eco Friendly Diwali

Firecrackers are one of the most traditional types of diyas that people play during any festival. However, many are now opting for eco friendly Diwali like the ones that Vasant Sahu and Sarvangala Foods will be launching. The reason why Vasant Sahu decided to launch this eco friendly diwali was so that they can help save the environment while still celebrating the cultural diwali traditions.

The Sarvangala Foods will be launching a series of unique and organic Diwali recipes that are made from organic ingredients only. They are also planning on having many diyas that are all natural for the global community to experience.

With both Vasant Sahu and Sarvangala Foods launching their unique and eco-friendly diyas, it is important to look at what makes a diyali more eco friendly Diwali. When we think of a traditional diwali party, we automatically think of the traditional Indian colors of red, green, and gold. However, when you hear about green diyas, you will notice that there are no candles or firecrackers involved. This is because they will have solar powered LED bulbs that light up at night.

Eco Friendly Diwali

Both Vasant Sahu and Sarvangala Foods will have traditional Indian garlands which are draped over the firecracker. In order to celebrate green diwali in a more authentic Indian way, the diyas will be decorated using natural materials like wood, twigs, beads, and leaves. Since traditional Indian garlands are made of silk and cotton, these products do not biodegrade easily and will not harm the environment. The twigs and beads used for decoration can also be recycled and used again.

Eco Friendly Diwali Candles

A traditional Indian celebration is incomplete without colorful candles and crackers. Unfortunately, traditional candles and crackers are not biodegradable, so traditional candles used during Diwali will hurt the environment. Instead, it is better to choose bamboo or rattan candles that burn naturally and are easy to use. While traditional crackers are made from paper and animal hair, it is easier to use organic crackers for this festival. There are several easy tips to make these environmentally friendly crackers, so look for these tips if you want to celebrate eco friendly Diwali with your family.

Before you start making paper flowers or clay flower bouquets, you should know that there are eco-friendly ways to make paper flowers that will not harm the environment. By using waterbased dyes, you can create beautiful colored paper flowers that will not harm the nvironment. It is better to choose slightly brighter colors than you would normally, so that they will not appear as glaring bright colors.

If you would like to create beautiful paper flowers, you can buy handmade paper from a local store. When making clay pots or colorful pots with clay, it is better to use clay that is natural. Because organic clay may contain a small amount of pesticides, organic clay pots are healthier alternatives. The downside to using clay that is organic is that it may not last long because of insects. However, if you choose organic clay, you can be sure that the pot will last for years and will not harm the environment.

There are many products that can be used to decorate your home for Diwali. However, if you are interested in using more natural materials, it is best to choose candles that are made from natural waxes. These candles will not harm the environment because they are made from plant extracts. If you do not want to use candles, there are plenty of natural scented candles available that will be just as beautiful.

It is important to choose natural products for decorations, because candles that are not made from plant extracts may contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Therefore, if you want to purchase eco friendly Diwali candles, you should look for tree oil. Tree oil has been used for centuries as an aromatherapy oil and it is now widely available. By purchasing tree oil candles, you can help promote a healthy environment for future generations.


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