How to Fix [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1] Error Code 2021?


Hey guys I’m here today with a solution [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1] to an issue that was caused by a mistake. Error!!! The error all of us have made in our day-to-day routine. Professionals could be aware of the details I’m trying to communicate.

Let’s off the tension.

Microsoft Outlook is definitely an email application developed created by Microsoft Corporation. It’s a private info management system. It is widely used to send and receive emails across the globe. It can be used as a stand-alone program or multi-user software. So, for this reason a mistake code seems [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1] Error while conversing.

Don’t be afraid. As I said earlier, I’m here to offer a solution to help you get your situation under control. The error is usually due to a dispute with your SMTP server. In reality, the error is closely linked to a bad configuration of the account in the preferences of the software. This is why you must get advice from the principal harbor figures, the authentication and secure connections. Don’t be worried. It’s simple to correct your issue with my suggestions. Keep studying the guide below.

What Are the Reasons that are causing [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1] error?

Here are some of the obvious reasons that could lead to the error:

The error could be displayed in the event that a user is using multiple accounts and does not clear both cookies and cache.

It may also result from the incorrect installing on the device. This could also be due to an incorrect installation of Microsoft Outlook software on the device.

The problem is seen in Outlook and when it is opened, it could be due to the non-updating of the most recent version.

Sometimes the error could be difficult to identify from the perspective of the customer. Support staff can assist the most to determine the reason behind the error in these situations.

Causes Of CAUSING [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1] Error CODE

This [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1] Error code may seem because of the following reasons.

It is caused by the mobile phone software due to other software that is installed by your personal computer.

The most effective method to tackle [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1]

Technique 1: Clear Cache

Clearing out treats and stores can make your old strings perfect, and all details will be fresh. This can help eliminate damaged or tangled information bundles.

Close and reopen Microsoft Outlook.

Shut down various windows or documents when you’re using them.

Make sure to check to see if there are Microsoft 365 updates. ( Update to the latest version )

In the event that an update is required, update all new comes and restart your pc currently open standpoint and check whether the mistake [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1] is addressed. If it persists you can try technique 2.

Strategy 2: Fix Outlook Version

[pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1] blunder could be brought about by the establishment cycle, that Outlook clashes with other email accounts or other programming introduced on your PC.

In this manner you might need to remove a damaged version from Outlook from your personal computer and then install the most current version of Outlook from the official site Microsoft Outlook.

Strategies 3: Utilize Web Apps to access the Web app

Click on Options in the upper right corner and select the version that is Outlook Web App. Outlook Web App in the route sheet.

Clear the checkbox using the release light checkbox to enable the Outlook Web App.

Choice Save.

Join the light version, then close and follow up using an account that is registered.

Technique 4: Update Outlook

Check that your PC is in compliance with the requirements for the framework required to run the most recent version of Office.

Most of the time, when you use Microsoft Office Setup Microsoft Office Setup program on an PC that has a previous version of Office launched, the previous version is removed.

However, there are instances where uninstalling is essential such as in the event that you experience errors or problems during installation.

In the event that you remove Office before introducing the latest format the Office documents won’t be deleted, but should the new version of Office integrates Outlook you may require backing up your Outlook data records.

Move and search for Outlook information files starting with one computer and moving onto the next.

Contact Microsoft for more information on the Microsoft guidelines.


This article was to direct you about the mistake [pii_pn_07867aa64a149d2f80b1]. We tried our best strategies to address this issue from a the perspective of. I’m sure one of these strategies was successful for you. If you’ve never solved the issue, please leave a comment below and we’ll attempt to find a solution for you. It is also possible to seek help via the Microsoft Uphold team.

Your Outlook could be in conflict with other accounts for e-mail.

A version that is no longer in use of Microsoft Outlook.

If you are using the version that is damaged that comes with Microsoft Outlook.

Beware of clearing caches.

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