How To End Debate Over The Perfect Office Temperature

Perfect Office Temperature

People who are working in the office might have experienced the dreaded thermostat war. The battle is ongoing between the workers in the office. Some employees feel too hot and some too cold. Therefore, continuous adjustments are being made to the heating and cooling appliances in the office.

There is no doubt that it is difficult to find the ideal temperature for all. The ideal the perfect office temperature for one would be different from another. How to find the right the perfect office temperature which can satisfy all?

Well, it is quite a tricky process to find the optimum ambiance which can make everyone happy. Well, by following some tips and tricks to end the ongoing debate over the optimum the perfect office temperature. Some of the top techniques to maintain a comfortable temperature in the office are described below:

1.Stick To Official Recommendation

Though there is no official requirement for specifying the workplace requirement, it can help in ending the debate. Mostly, it is recommended that thermostat temperature should be adjusted between 68 to 76F. Also, the humidity level should fall in between the range of 20 to 60 percent. This can be different based on the location of your office and the climatic condition of that place. On average, you should set the perfect office temperature at 72F. Stick to this temperature to avoid various problems. You should stick to the official recommendation unless you start getting too many complaints. A lot of complaints will indicate that this temperature is not suitable according to your climatic region.

2.Install New Technology AC

Install a new technology air conditioner in your office that can automatically adjust the temperature according to the change in the surrounding temperature.

This AC help to maintain optimum ambiance. To maintain the efficiency of these ACs, you should consider calling the professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors.

3.Talk To Your Employees

Try to get feedback from employees by talking to them. You should find out how many employees are happy with the specific settings of office temperature. Communication is the right way to find the optimum solution to any problem.

By conducting a meeting with every employee of the company, you will get to know the problems they are facing right now. Instead of simply adjusting the settings, you should find the best office temperature for your office. It will ensure that all your employees are happy. If any of the employees are not happy, then find suitable ways to adjust the situation.

4.Show Flexibility For Different Seasons

Ideal office temperature changes based on the season of the year. The ducted air conditioners are used quite often during the summer season and the heating appliances are used during the winter. You should show some flexibility to the temperature setting with the change in season.

5.Cover Thermostat

A comfortable office temperature is obtained by setting the thermostat temperature at a fixed optimum value. But employees continually change it and lead to an uncomfortable ambiance at the workplace. The best to avoid this is to keep the thermostat setting away from the employee’s reach. It is a good idea to set the plastic thermostat cover on it. This plastic cover will keep employees away from the thermostat settings.

5.Invest In Blinds

Prevent your office from heating up due to direct sun rays. If your office is getting direct sunlight, then invest in blinds. It will help in restricting the entry of sunrays and let you maintain optimum ambiance inside the office. It is one of the best ways to regulate the temperature and block sun rays.

7.Inspect Building’s Insulation

You should schedule an inspection to determine that the insulation of your building is appropriate or not. It is a good idea to schedule an inspection which will help you to ensure that your windows are properly sealed.

Appropriate insulation at the workplace plays a very important role to block heat during the summer season. If your workplace is not insulated, then cool air produced by ducted air conditioning Sydney will escape outside.

8.Provide Small Comforts

Little things bring happiness to the face of your employees. Therefore, you should do some little things that can ensure comfort to your employees at the workplace. Offering blankets to your employees on cold shivering days can create a significant difference.

In case, employees are feeling too warm, then it is a good idea to place a fan in front of their workspace. By offering small comforts, you can ensure happy employees and good productivity at the workplace.

9.Motivate To Wear Suitable Attire

To reduce the number of tampering with the heating or cooling device is to encourage your employees to wear the right clothes according to the temperature. For example, if the office employees are turning up the heating unit, then motivate them to wear more layers so that you feel warm.

On the other hand, if office employees are feeling too hot, then ask them to wear light office attire. By doing so, you can stick to the specific temperature range and avoid the temperature- related debate among employees.


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