Smart Kitchen Appliances That You Should Buy During Black Friday Promotion

Smart Kitchen Appliances

In modern life, the smart kitchen appliances not only plays the role of cooking but also a place to cultivate love, where all family members gather together for a meal after a day of work and study. In addition, modern women, in addition to housework and taking care of the family, also contribute to work at organizations, agencies, and mass organizations, so their time is extremely limited. The introduction of smart kitchen appliances devices will help housewives both cook delicious food, quickly and extremely conveniently.

The upcoming Black Friday brings a lot of deals, discount codes, coupons for smart kitchen appliances. This will be your chance to own these smart kitchen appliances at the best price.

On the market today, many smart kitchen appliances support cooking such as refrigerators, water purifiers, multi-function pots, and pans… however, the following 5 kitchen appliances are indispensable:

1. Induction cooker – Smart kitchen appliances device for cooking

When it comes to induction cookers, no one is unfamiliar with equipment that is considered extremely convenient and smart. Instead of cooking with previous traditional stoves such as gas stoves, coal stoves, induction cookers bring great experiences when in the smart kitchen appliances. The advantages of these induction cookers are safety, low risk of fire and explosion, friendly to people and the environment, quick-cooking, and many smart features such as overflow warning, residual heat warning, and function. timer function.

automatically turn off the stove … Depending on the model of the induction cooker, there are different prices, features, and durability.

Currently, the market for induction cookers is very diverse, including single induction cookers, double induction cookers, 3-zone induction cookers, 4-zone induction hobs, and multi-zone induction hobs. The most popular today are high-end imported induction cookers such as Bosch induction cookers, Teka induction cookers, Chefs induction cookers, Hafele induction cookers .. are famous brands of induction cookers with high durability and outstanding features. and elegant design.

2. Kitchen hood

The next indispensable device is the hood. Currently, the modern smart kitchen appliances space is often closed, especially in apartments, apartments are often designed with the living room, so when cooking, the smell of food will affect the house, especially food. strong smell. Therefore, the best solution that consumers are choosing to overcome the problem of food odors when cooking is the hood installed above the stove. Helps quickly bring the smell of food to the outside through the pipe and return a clean and airy atmosphere to the kitchen. 

When you go to a high-end smart kitchen appliances equipment store, there will be many different models of hoods from wall-mounted hoods, island hoods, under-cabinet hoods, curved glass hoods. With range hoods, High-class imported products in addition to luxurious design, fast and clean odor absorption performance, as well as extremely quiet operation, always attract customers to choose.

3. Oven – Smart baking kitchen equipment

To have delicious and nutritious meals, buying an oven is a housewife’s delight. You can make many dishes for family members, especially baked goods from baking cakes, grilling meats, grilling seafood to grilling and drying fruits. A more hearty meal with just the oven is extremely easy to make. 

With oven prices ranging from 10 million to 30 million, you’ve got a high-end imported oven that serves delicious baked goods. The advantage of these high-end ovens is that they give delicious, golden-colored baked goods, bake a lot of food easily with pre-installed functions, baking programs, and many smart features. bright.  

4.  Microwave oven

Microwave is also one of the kitchen appliances that you should not ignore when choosing to shop for kitchen items. With the ability to save time for housework becoming easy, the microwave helps to reheat food, defrost, cook, and bake food quickly and conveniently.

Household microwave ovens usually have a capacity of about 17 liters to less than 25 liters. With this capacity, the microwave oven will help you conveniently cook the right amount of food without having to go out to the restaurant. For large families, you can choose products with a capacity of 25 – 30 liters.

5. Dishwasher – Smart dishwasher

With the desire to free up labor for housewives and bring more time to housewives in the family, the dishwasher is an indispensable device in modern kitchens. Although the machine is not really popular in many families’ kitchens, it is still an interior kitchen appliance that helps people save time and effort in the process of cleaning up after meals.

6. Sink, sink faucet

This is an indispensable device not only in modern kitchens but also in any kitchen, that is, the sink, the faucet. The device helps to bring clean water to wash food and store utensils and food in the basin.

How to choose a washbasin, sink depends on each kitchen, the cooking needs of each family, your style and preferences… Choose a sink with 1 recess, 2 niches or 3 niches, or one with a table or not. There is a table. Wash the faucet, choose whether to withdraw or not, rotate 180 degrees or 360 degrees.

However, currently, consumers are turning to high-end washbasins and faucets with more advantages and durability compared to conventional lines. 


So your smart kitchen is already full of the above smart kitchen appliances? If not, quickly take advantage of discount codes, coupons for kitchen appliances to receive price incentives and gifts during Black Friday promotions. Hope the article will bring a lot of useful information to you and wish you happy shopping and saving.


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