Things to Know About Payment Gateway System

Payment Gateway System

A payment gateway system online merchants the ability to process credit cards and electronic checks. The payment gateway is the core component responsible for authorizing, settling and clearing transactions for an e-business. The gateway typically presents the merchant with an interface to configure settings for payment processing, manage authorizations, capture payments, perform reporting tasks, or presents debugging tools. Payment gateways often provide add-on services such as fraud protection, risk management and chargeback handling, and settlement and reporting.

Payment Gateway System

Our payment gateway system is very robust with all the features you need in an e-commerce solution. It integrates easily with your existing web application, making it fast and easy to set up. Our team of experts is here to help you at each step along the way. We offer a powerful, flexible, and secure payment gateway System that supports all credit cards.

A payment gateway is a special software solution, most often associated with Internet and mobile app transactions. Online merchants rely on the gateway to communicate with the card brands and user’s bank or payment service provider, and most often this is done through secure tokenization. Payment gateways allow merchants to quickly and easily accept online payments, specify what forms of such payments they will accept (credit cards, debit cards, etc.) and verify customers’ identities through sophisticated fraud-assessment programs.

Combined with a compatible point of sale (POS) system and merchant processor, a card processor is an integral part of e-commerce. Payment gateways use security features such as encryption to protect transactions from eavesdropping or tampering. They may also employ validation features such as 3D Secure to increase the safety of Internet transactions.

The payment gateway can connect you to thousands of cardholders around the world. It is ready to go wherever you are, completely secure, and delivers digital receipts to your customers faster than ever. It is easy-to-use online portal accepts all major credit cards and connects seamlessly to your existing point-of-sale software to support all of your retail necessities.The Payment Gateway is a feature that helps merchants build secure, high-converting payment pages. The Payment Gateway system collects customer information with just one form, simplifying checkout for your customers.

The Payment Gateway API allows developers to design applications that make Internet retail payments for their customers. Call the API to authorize a credit card charge, capture an authorization for later settlement, check on the status of an authorization or charge, or handle other payment-related tasks.

The payment gateway ensures and secures sensitive data (credit card information) is protected. It connects the merchant’s website with the payment processor’s data sources and presents a standard API for interacting with that data.

The payment gateway enables you to accept credit/debit card or electronic check payments for your business. The secure payment gateway uses strong encryption technology to protect sensitive cardholder information as it is transmitted over the Internet. That, combined with our pre-certified PCI compliance, ensures that you are operating an SSL-compliant page.

Open-standards payment gateway system technology is the primary reason for shopping cart abandonment. That’s why Stripe developed an API that makes it faster and easier to set up online payments than what you’re used to.


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