Toughest Treks In India

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India Is a Great place for trekking . There are places to trek almost everywhere in India whether be South India , North India , East India , West India , North East India . India has some of the amazing treks right from Difficulty level ranging from Easy to the most difficult treks .

Also Trekking is the most famous form of outdoor activity and trekking is considered as the best form of adventure activity as you get to stay with nature all the time and Trekking also makes you tough because of all the tough climbs you do and stay in extreme cold weather . Also Trekking makes you flexible and adjustable in Nature as you stay in Tents and eat basic food so it makes you a lot more flexible . Here are some of the Toughest treks in India

Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is situated at 11,483ft in Ladakh Region and it is considered as a tough trek . It takes almost 9 days to complete this trek. The temperature in Chadar region can go up to -30 Degrees and the unique part of this trek is that even the slightest change in it’s temperature can lead to a great impact on the entire trek. Chadar trek is a trek in which you have to Walk on an entire frozen lake and the water is running below the thick ice. The best time to do Chadar trek is in the month of Mid Jan to Mid – Feb . 

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is located in Sankri region in Uttarakhand and at a Height of 12500ft  It is a must do trek when it comes to tough trek . You will face rough terrain , Snow covered paths , Harsh Roads , Unexpected changes in Weather So you will have to be prepared for everything but on the other hand Reaching Kedarkantha summit will Make you feel as if you have done something extraordinary and that moment you will remember in your life forever. Kedarkantha trek has everything from Dense forests to snow covered paths and mountains. Sunset from Kedarkantha and Sunrise From Kedarkantha is a must watch because it will make you feel out of the world. Best time to do Kedarkantha trek is from the month of December to April . 
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Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

Nanda devi is Considered as  the second highest Peak of India  and the highest peak in Uttarakhand and the best part about this is that you can trek till the base camp and the total trek is approx of 11 days and the maximum Altitude of 21,000 ft of the peak . One Can trek till the base camp of Nanda devi from where the 2 mountains named as Nanda Devi and Nanda devi east are visible and it is an extremely difficult trek because of the altitude , Harsh weather , Unexpected weather and also the trek is very slippery . The Nanda devi trek begins as an Easy one but eventually it becomes very tough and it tests each and every ounce of strength you have. So a lot of experience is required to Do this trek . Best time to do Nanda Devi trek is in the months of May- June and September – October . 

Goechala Trek

Goechala Is Located in Sikkim and it is by far the best and a Mindblowing trek in India. During the Goechala trek . The trek will take you closer to Mt Kanchenjunga which is the  third highest mountain in the entire world . Goechala trek is a very beautiful trek and it is considered as a paradise for the trekkers and the nature lovers. In this trek you will get to see Sunrise over Mt .Kanchenjunga which is a lifetime opportunity and plus the scenic beauty of Geochala trek is Unmatchable . Once you start the trek you will be wowed by the scenery and once you reach the summit of 15,100 ft you will feel as if you are in a fantasy . Best time to go Goechala trek is in the month of April- May and In the Month Of September – December . The total trek will be of 90 Kms and the starting point of Goechala trek is Yuksom . The entire trek will take approx 11 days . 


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