How to Make Yourself Pee For A Drug Test

Drug Test

Many people often have a hard time peeing for a drug test. A urine drug test is a test hat analyzes urine for certain drugs and illegal medications. Barbiturates, ethamphetamines, etc. To take the test, you will be given a cup to pee in. This article explains how to get yourself peed for a drug test.

For many people, peeing only happens when your brain is alerted by your systems, never that your bladder is full and it’s time to urinate. Other than that, it becomes very difficult to pee when the body has not given any sign.

For many people, peeing only happens when your brain is alerted by your systems, never that your bladder is full and it’s time to urinate. Other than that, it becomes very difficult to pee when the body has not given any sign.

There are situations in which we can find ourselves where we need to urinate. An xample is a situation where we have to pee and take our urine for a drug test. This is still the norm in the event of serious illness; a urine sample is very important to perform the test so that a correct diagnosis can be made.

Usually, doctors give us a sterilized plastic container to urinate inside and bring it to them so they can perform various tests.


  1. TILT FORWARD: First sit completely relaxed on the toilet seat and lean forward, which will stimulate the pressure in your bladder and make you feel like you are peeing
  2. PERINEA WASH: A bottle with spray to wash the perineum with lukewarm water is a good idea, sit on the toilet seat with a cool and calm mind now rinse the perineum with water slowly, and you will need to do pee in seconds.
  3. MASSAGE YOUR THIGHS: Sit completely relaxed on the toilet seat and gently massage the inner thigh with your fingertips, which will help the bladder to stimulate urine.
  4. Run of the water in the sink: the fresh spirit can get what quietly tams on the seat of the bathroom in the bathroom and the running water in the sink and focuses on the sound of the water
  5. TRY THE SUPRAPUBIC TAP: Another method that can be tried is the suprapubic tap which stimulates the bladder by simply tapping at 100 tapping per minute for 30 seconds on the lower abdomen, it will help you pee Drug test.

Drink plenty of water: Drinking a lot of water will help you stimulate the bladder, every small amount of persistent urine in terms of will Peeing is a natural process where we all pee when we all feel like urinating. Our brain controls our mind and body, the brain orders our body to pee, we feel pressure in the lower abdomen.

Under normal circumstances, a person does not need to urinate forcefully, such conditions only occur when one has to produce a urine sample for medical reasons if one is unable to forcefully pee Drug Test. or naturally, then see the doctor immediately?

Other Natural Ways to Help You Pee Faster

Drink more water

The most obvious way to make yourself pee is to drink lots of water. In general, you need to drink plenty of fluids regularly throughout the day to prevent symptoms of dehydration. One way to check if you are drinking enough water is to check the color of your urine. So, if you know you need to pee for a urine test, make sure you drink enough water about an hour before your date.

Try certain foods

Some foods have diuretic properties that can help you pee and remove urine from your body. Here are some of the best foods to help you pee Drug Test when you need it:

Watermelons: There are many reasons to eat watermelons for good health. Watermelons contain a large amount of water and also help cleanse the kidneys, colon, and empty the liver naturally. The Ancient Science of Life magazine reported that watermelons have been used in Ayurveda medicine as a diuretic for centuries, so eating them can help you pee Drug Test.

Cucumbers: Another food that has a high water content and can make it easier to pee are cucumbers. Eating fresh cucumbers is a great way to naturally empty the lymphatic system and stimulate urination. The Journal of Young Pharmacists reports that cucumber seeds both cool and have a diuretic effect on the liver.

Carrots: Another healthy food to eat to aid urination are carrots. Carrots are a natural source of antioxidants and can help rid the body of free radicals. However, according to the Journal of Food and Science Technology, carrots have diuretic properties that can help rid the body of uric acid.

Citrus fruits: The juice of lemons, limes and oranges can stimulate urination due to their diuretic effect on the bladder. Dr. John P. Cunha of says citrus irritates your bladder and may help you urinate more frequently.


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