Increasing the Value of Your House


Whether you want to rent your space, renovate an old house, or sell your house in the future, you should set your home apart from the others. It may take some time to do so, but if you know where you need to renovate and how to go about doing so, you could have a house that sells faster.

 Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your house look great. Instead, a simple improvement here and there can make a major impression.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of outstanding value-adding improvements you can do to your house both inside and out to make the best first impression of your clients.

Start Outside House

Curb appeal is important when it comes to attracting renters and possible buyers. In fact, because your outside home is the first thing people see, properties with a great first impression are 7 percent more likely to sell than those with a poor exterior. Begin by improving what you already have. This includes power washing the deck, replacing any broken tiles or bricks, and repairing cracks in the driveway to make it look like new.

You can now start to consider interesting improvement to your house so visit websites like or to get some home ideas. You should start by installing outside lighting along the driveway and any pathways. This will improve the look of the outside of your property. Installing an irrigation system in the yard can also add value to your home by providing hands-free watering and keeping the lawn looking vibrant all year.


People enjoy spending time outside with their friends and family, so consider installing outdoor seats or a patio area. Consider installing a fire pit or a built-in grill for their gathering needs if you have the funds. Keep your bushes fresh and your trees trimmed to showcase your patio area and the outside of your house. It will create a great impression, and many realtors believe that you can return these maintenance fees up to 100% when you sell your house.

Sustainability and Tech

When it comes to increasing the value of your home, following the trends is always a good idea, and many people in 2021 are focused on sustainability. People enjoy the idea of helping the environment, and you can make a green home by making a few changes. Begin by replacing all of your bulbs with LED lighting, which will last longer and save you money. Installing low-flow showerheads can also help you save water.

Another strategy is to support towards sustainability, by improving your home’s technology to create a smart home. Installing a programmable thermostat that automatically changes the temperature during the day and night.  Many smart thermostats even feature sensors that recognize when the premises are empty and it will turn off.

Consider installing solar panels if you have the financial ability to do so. This is similar like hanging a sign on your roof that says you care about the environment since they help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency, especially during the summer when the sun is rising. Solar panels can save homes up to $20,000 per year in energy costs over a 20-year period, in addition to the good you do for the environment.

Make It Look Like a Brand-New Home

When it comes to selling a property, many people agree to leave it as-is and take what they can get in terms of a sale price. You can make your home look like it was just constructed with some basic maintenance and cleaning up. 

Begin by repainting the walls, restoring the hardwood floors, and, if necessary, replacing any old carpeting. 

If you have dogs, their smell will most certainly scatter in your home, so wash all area rugs and throw blankets before having possible buyers around. Furthermore, you can spray a bottle of white vinegar mixed with essential oils in the smelliest area so that the smell will go.

Renovate your kitchen and bathroom through replacing your old faucets with newer models. Consider replacing the hardware on your cabinet doors as a small but significant improvement, and if it has been several years, you might probably replace the cabinets entirely. 

If you’re renovating an older house built before the 1970s, have it inspected for asbestos, a material that was once used to build the walls, floors, and roofs of these houses but has recently been known to cause cancer and mesothelioma. If asbestos is confirmed, it must be removed before the house is sold or rented.

With so many properties and rentals on the market, you need to stand out. Apply some of this value-adds ideas to make your home more interesting to people.


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