Top 4 Home Inspection Myths Debunked


When you buy a new home, thousands of questions keep on revolving around you until you get possession of your desired home or property. Out of all the questions, one of the most common ones is- should I go for a home inspection service? Homebuyers are still confused with taking this essential service because they have a lot of unrealistic expectations and misconceptions related to home inspection. 

Therefore, it’s essential to contact some local home inspection companies and clear all the doubts. Also, try to collect information from reliable sources otherwise you can’t debunk the home inspection myths. 

So, it’s high time that you sort truth from fiction. This post will help you find the fact behind 4 of the most common myths related to home inspection:  

MYTH 1: An inspection guarantees high quality

You need to understand this point with clarity. But before you actually know whether home inspection is a guarantee or not, let’s find out what exactly it is? Well, a home inspection is a visual examination of a property to know the condition of the home, from its physical structure and housing system to the roof and foundation. 

Moreover, a home energy audit report by the home inspector will include the present condition of the home’s HVAC system, windows, doors, eaves, structural variables, roof, foundation, ceiling, attic, and basement. 

However, every human being has some limitations and restrictions. So, the home inspector cannot see through the walls or can’t predict the upcoming years. Therefore, you must accept that home inspection has no guarantee or warranty. 

MYTH 2: A Home Can Fail or Pass an Inspection

It’s vital to understand the functions performed by a home inspector. For this, you should have a general idea of what home inspection is and what procedures a professional follow to inspect the home. 

Once you have a basic knowledge about home inspection, you will quickly understand that it is not a fail or pass situation. A report prepared by a home inspector is only on the basis of the general well-being of the home. 

In addition, every buyer has their own choice and preference when it comes to choosing any property. So, instead of thinking that a home inspection can fail or pass your property, you need to ensure how the report shared by the home inspector will help you reach a valuable decision.

MYTH 3:  The one who has experience in construction and building can perform a home inspection

The real estate market is full of both experienced and non-experienced people. Out of them, many have expertise because of experience, and some have research-based knowledge. 

However, it doesn’t mean that we can perform the task of a professional home inspector. Only a skilled and experienced home inspector who has undergone specialized training can provide an unbiased home energy audit report stating the property’s actual condition. 

So, it would be best not to make your home buying decision on behalf of guidance given by people who have expertise in their field but lack in-depth knowledge on how exactly home inspection is performed. 

MYTH 4. Newly Built Homes Don’t Require Inspections

If you have recently constructed your home, even bought a newly built home, you know very well that it doesn’t hold any water. But these are not the only flaws a house can have. Even after every necessary thing is considered while constructing a home, there are generally a few mistakes you can find out afterward.

However, it can be challenging to find out some hidden faults in a week or a month. Therefore, having a belief that a new home is free from a home inspection is not valid. Instead, even a new home should be inspected by a professional.

 So, if you have recently bought a newly constructed house, search for local home inspection companies to help you spot issues or early warning signs. Remember, newness never guarantees 100% quality. 

Understanding Professional Home Inspections

By busting these common 4 home inspection misconceptions, we hope we have given you a lot of reliable and authentic information. As buying a property is undoubtedly a significant investment, you need to be 100% sure about your buying decision. For this, make sure you have successfully separated facts from fiction in the very first place.


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