Women don’t step out of their houses without applying makeup on their faces. Some feel so comfortable by applying makeup to their face while others just love to keep the face untouched and more natural. Some believe to wear proper makeup every day while some just keep it simple by slightly enhancing the beauty of their eyes with light shades of the eyeshadows, making a wing flick with the eyeliners, putting on different shades of the lenses, or giving a volumized look with mascara. Not only eye makeup is limited to making the eyes more attractive with these eye makeup products but making sharp or bushy eyebrows is also becoming a new trend in makeup that every woman is opting for. 

Women love experimenting with their eye makeup to make their overall makeup look more attractive and appealing. Be it mascara, eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyebrow gel, or eyeliner, women apply different eye makeup products on their eyes according to the shape of their eyes. When they want to indulge themselves in the hassle-free on-the-go makeup look, they flaunt it all with eyeliners. Coloring the area around the eyes with the different shades of the eyeliners will make the eyes look more prominent and give a different look to the eyes in just a single stroke. Be it a cat-eye look or a smoky eye look, it is quite very difficult to achieve by lining the eyes with the perfect eyeliners. 

Be gentle to the eyes with different eyeliners

Eyeliners are very easy to apply if one knows the techniques to apply and if one has picked up the right type of eyeliner that suits their eyes. Different types of eyeliners are available in the market fulfilling the different needs of females. Some like to give a dusty touch to eye lines with pencil eyeliners while some go for making a clear winged flick with liquid eyeliners to create a perfect look for their eyes. Regardless of the type of eyeliner selected to achieve the desired look, always be mindful about picking the best type of eyeliner to ensure a smooth finishing. Take your pick among the different types of eyeliners to make the eyes look more attractive and beautiful. 

  • Pencil eyeliners

The pencil liners give a smooth and smudge-free finishing that applies smoothly to the lash line and waterline. The creamy texture of the pencil liners provides easy application and provides a defined stroke that lasts for a longer time period and gives a more flattering look to the eyes. 

  • Liquid eyeliners

The liquid eyeliners give a bold and more dramatic look to the eyes. These liners give a well-defined stroke and are perfect for achieving different eyeliner looks like winged, graphic, squiggly, and floating- crease, etc. These eyeliners dry quickly and provide an easy application making it easier for beginners to line the eyes with eyeliners on the do. 

  • Gel eyeliners

The gel eyeliners with a gel formula stay to the eyes for up to 12 hours and give a smudge-proof and smooth finishing that lasts for a longer time period. The best thing about the gel liners is that they are water and sweat-resistant and are definitely a better choice than the liquid liners.  

The eyeliner packaging will make a great difference

The moment a makeup lover catches the sight of their favorite eyeliners, their packaging is what captures their undivided attention and adds more value to the product. Surprisingly, the packaging of the makeup products does more than what a brand really expects. Where different types of eyeliners have taken over the females, its packaging is what will make the great demand of the product and draws more female’s attention. Realizing the impact of the packaging, the makeup brands are investing a significant proportion of the money in eyeliner packaging design to make the right impression on the target audience. 

The cosmetics being a million-dollar industry and where the makeup brands are surviving a neck-to-neck competition, it is quite important to come up with a packaging design that not only makes it stand out from the crowd but also makes the products more noticeable and recognizable. However, the makeup brands presenting the different types of eyeliners in customized Wholesale Eye Liner Boxes will grab more attention of the females and facilitates their purchase behavior all of which will lead to making a distinct brand image.  

All you need is an enormous square or rectangular scarf to make these various looks. I a few of my most loved scarves in different sizes, yet you just need one scarf to make most of these bunches. 

Clearly, a more limited scarf is best for ties and fundamental curtains, while a more extended scarf is useful for the more confounded bunches. Furthermore, substantial winter scarves are great for a basic throw and fold, in my experience. However, go ahead and attempt each bunch with a couple of various kinds of scarves to perceive what it looks like. 

1. Wrap 

The Drape inclined more towards style as opposed to work. You don’t tie the scarf by any means – however it’s an extraordinary method to add a scramble of shading to your dull jacket and cause you to notice your face. 

A scarf wrap is best for when the climate is cool, yet not cold. As the name suggests, simply wrap the scarf over your neck, equivalent lengths on each side, and don’t tie it – you’re all set. 

The scarf wrap works best with a short to standard length scarf. 

2. Once Around 

With the Once Around, you actually don’t actually tie the scarf, however it gives more warmth around the neck than the scarf wrap, thus can be worn in colder climate. Start by hanging the scarf around your neck, making one end longer than the other. 

Take the long finish of the scarf and bring it around your neck and you’re done – no compelling reason to tie a bunch. The closures of the printed scarf can either be equivalent length or lopsided – it’s truly up to the wearer’s inclination. 

3. Over Hand 

This scarf is extremely easy to tie, looks perfect and useful, and gives great security to the neck in cool climate. 

Wrap the scarf around your neck, making one end longer than the other. Take the long finish of the scarf, get it over the short end, then, at that point bring it under and through the opening close to your neck to tie. 

After you seal the deal, pull on the two closures of the scarf to fix it until you are happy with the look. I think this scarf tie looks best when one end is somewhat more than the other. 

4. Invert Scarf Drape 

This is an incredible method to wear a scarf in colder climates. Once more, you don’t actually tie this scarf tie, yet it gives a great deal of security to the neck. 

Wrap the scarf over your neck, ensuring the two closures are of equivalent length. 

Take one finish of the scarf and bring it across your neck and over the contrary shoulder, then, at that point do likewise with the opposite side. No compelling reason to tie it – change the scarf around your neck if vital and you’re finished. 

5. Parisian Scarf Knot 

An extremely tasteful looking approach to tie a scarf, this scarf tie gives great warmth to the neck and is a decent decision in colder climates. 

Overlay your scarf in half widthwise, then, at that point crease in half again the long way. 

Wrap the scarf over your neck, and afterward bring the remaining details through the opening shaped by the collapsed end to seal the deal. Fix the scarf around your neck and you’re all set. 

6. Counterfeit Knot 

This is a more muddled scarf bunch to tie, however an incredible colder climate alternative will look sharp with either a relaxed coat or a proper jacket. 

Wrap the scarf around your neck, making one end longer than the other. Take the long finish of the scarf and bring it behind and around itself to shape a circle, then, at that point bring the end down and through the circle. 

Snatch the opposite finish of the scarf and cut it down and through the circle also to seal the deal. Stir the bunch up to your neck by delicately pulling on each finish of the scarf while sliding the bunch up. 

7. Invert Drape Tuck 

Not very usually seen, this scarf tie works best on the off chance that you attach it with a more drawn out scarf. Wrap the scarf around your neck, making one end longer than the other. 

Take the long finish of the scarf and circle it once around your neck. Presently take a similar end and fold it through the circle you just framed. Get the opposite side of the scarf and fold it through the circle also to seal the deal. Change the scarf if vital. 

8. Invert Drape Cross 

Basically the same as the Reverse Drape Tuck, this scarf hitch works extraordinary when you attach it with a more drawn out scarf. 

Wrap the scarf around your neck and make one end longer than the other. 

Take the long finish of the scarf and bring it moving around your neck. Presently cross the long finish of the scarf over the opposite end, then, at that point bring it up and through the initial you just shaped to seal the deal. 

Pull on the closures of the scarf to fix if necessary, and you’re finished. 

9. Four In Hand 

Another extraordinary method to tie a long scarf, this scarf hitch ensures the neck well indeed and is the ideal alternative when the climate is freezing cold. 

Due to the many folds, this scarf tie is additionally perhaps the most many-sided looking approach to tie a scarf. Like the Parisian Knot, crease the scarf in half length and width astute, and afterward wrap it over your neck. 

Take one of the remaining details of the scarf and get it through the circle framed by the collapsed end. Curve the circle, then, at that point pull the opposite finish of the scarf through the circle to seal the deal. 

Keep on changing the bunch until the scarf is sitting conveniently around your neck.