Do you want to get your hands on the spy software for windows? Are you still struggling to have it? We know that most spy applications are scams and fake ones. Gone are the days when you have to spend hours and hours on the web, and in the end, you got nothing but lost money and time. Computing devices are everywhere these days, and people have become dependent on computer technology no time ever before.

Business professionals provide laptops and desktop PCs to their employees to perform digital operations to boost business productivity. Parents buy computers for kids for educational purposes. Now the question has arisen, why do people want to spy on PCs? Today, we discuss parental control spy software for PC to know how it works, its features, and its usages. 

What is parental control spying app for PC? 

It is one of the best applications for computing devices.  You can install it on laptop and desktop PCs running with the Windows operating systems. It is easy to configure on the target device and activate its features via an online dashboard. It instantly unveils detailed information on the PCs and lets you know what is happening on the screen. Every feature of spy software for windows PC is result-oriented and sends time-to-time results.

The application works and remains hidden on the PC. It means you can snoop on any computing device without them knowing.  It is undetectable windows spy software. Let’s know how it works on the target device and how to use its powerful features.

How does the PC spy app work on the target device?  

Do you know? You have to visit the computer spy software official webpage offered by TheOneSpy. You can visit the webpage and choose the windows spy application. Further, read the information given on the page, and tap on the buy now button.

 You will receive a password and ID via email. You can access the email inbox and collect username and ID.  Physical access on the PC is necessary to configure the windows spy software on the target device. You have to complete the installation and activation process successfully and activate it on the target device. 

After the successful installation process of windows spying software, you need to visit the web control panel to activate the following features to set parental control on kids’ laptops and desktop PCs. Here are the following features of spy software for windows you need to know about. 

Spy Software for Windows PC Features you need to know about: 

Windows Browsing history

The end-user can spy on PCs browsing history secretly without the kid’s knowledge. You can view PC browsers to watch websites, and bookmarked pages with the schedule. Parents can prevent kid’s access to inappropriate websites.

Activity logs

You can monitor activity logs on laptop and desktop PCs running with windows operating systems. Users will get to know about activities on computer devices like browsing activities, keystrokes used, social media conversations, and many more.

Surround recorder

Users can bug laptop microphones to record and listen to the surround conversations, sounds, arguments, and many more.

Computer camera photos

Users can hack and take over the target laptop device camera to capture photos to know who is using your target computing device.


It is easy to capture screenshots of PCs connected to cyberspace. You can activate the screenshots, and schedule multiple commands, and get series of screenshots via an online dashboard.

Block websites

You can block inappropriate websites for teens like adult websites, sugar daddies, and online dating sites. Users need to put the URLs into the filters.

Screen recorder

Live screen recorder is a piece of spy application for PCs that empowers you to record back-to-back videos of the PC’s screen and deliver them to the dashboard. Parents can examine teen’s activities on PC screens.

Windows keylogger

Users can capture keystrokes on Windows laptops and desktop devices like passwords, messages, and email keystrokes.

Why do parents want to use Computer spy software?

Parents want to safeguard teens from online predators, like online bullying, sex offenders, stalkers, body shaming, and many more. They want to prevent teens from online dating, sexting, and adult content using the world’s best computer spy app.


TheOneSpy has the best parental control spy software for PCs. It is the best solution for kids online safety.