Is Apple’s customer service good? 2020 survey


For the past few years Apple has been the type of Connor McGregor roaming, like the incumbent king of tech support. Does high tech still have excellent customer service? I had to organize my research inside and find out for myself. By launching the best Oscars movie, I got myself a girl in trouble with Apple’s help with the following questions: disable automatic updates, download Microsoft Edge, and turn on dark mode.

Mac Support Services

Apple’s phone support experience, along with on-screen help and helpful agents, is painless and fun. Like the cherry fruit above, Apple’s online chat offers humor that leaves a lasting impression. Apple’s Twitter support, on the other hand, is incomparable to smartphone technology and live chat services. However, I would support Apple’s customer service – just send a tweet for help.

Live chat app, Twitter and Apple Support

The hostages of my co-workers fell when I told them that the ubiquitous Apple brand does not have a technical support platform for Facebook. But the Cupertino-based tech giant is doing so by offering three other ways to help candidates: live chat, Twitter, and Apple’s support app

Telephone support

Brandon, a great technical support agent from St. At 20.20 Eastern Eastern Eastern Time (EST), a friendly agent with a remote screen sharing service handed me a check mark to the automatic updates box. In addition, Brandon saw that my time zone was wrong, so he voluntarily offered an additional 2 minutes of helpful help for instructions on how to fix this problem. Well done, Brandon! My conversation didn’t last more than 10 minutes.

On the other hand, my experience with Amir is average. He was honest, but a little ignorant. When he asked my name, he forgot for a few minutes and wrote his name “Ashley”.

Amir still had a warm and friendly aura and was free to guide me to the App Store to download Microsoft Edge via the on-screen sharing service. When you discover the problem, you are prompted to click the Safari button and locate Microsoft Edge. From here, he helped set up the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Virginia-based technical agent Tiffany could deter Apple from climbing to the top of the list at the 2020 technical support demo. He was my fastest phone call since 4 minutes passed, but that’s not commendable; Tiffany pulled away from the phone.


Apple will start the day with free technical support on the phone and will only save for the first 90 days after you own the product. After that, if you need an Apple agent to be your supporting hero, you have to pay. With AppleCare + (formerly known as AppleCare Protection), you can close three years of phone և hardware service. For $ 99 you can protect the screen from damage և close it from the outside, and for $ 299 you can hang another pull-up cover on your laptop.

After installing AppleCare + research for your device, you can find out how much time is left from your plan with our Apple Warranty Guide.


This year, my call at Apple started with a technology giant based in Missouri, but the satisfaction disappointed me with the lack of expertise from my chat app in Tiffany.

This year, the average call time has increased by three minutes and 22 seconds, but my experience with Tiffany shows that fast phone calls do not lead to better customer service. For example, despite Amir’s initial efforts to provide the right direction, his kind demeanor and willingness to help made for him a nice career – I forgot he remembered my name.

If Apple wants to compete for a high rating in 2021, I would recommend a different technology: increase the motivation of users to re-acquire technical support staff, especially those in the call center. While Brandon has an exceptional voice, Amir says he has a “long day,” and Tiffany seems neutral.


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